CITY OF ROTT 2 DVD set for October 2014


The upcoming City of Rott 2 release will be available by October 2014, with an official release date announced soon. The DVD will feature the 85 minute film, along with extras including “The Making of City of Rott 2”, A Poster Gallery Video, and the Deluxe Trailer. The Making of feature will also include a quick glimpse of what City of Rott 3 may look like if City of Rott 2 does well enough in sales and exposure. The estimated price will be close to $10.99 for the DVD. Currently, there are no plans for a blu ray release at this time.

Also available soon will be the digital download and rental of City of Rott 2. The digital version will likely be offered for 4.99 as a download to keep.

The back cover description is as follows:

Years after the Rott Worm Plague has turned the world into a post apocalyptic nightmare, Max, a pawn of D’Vower’s Army, must break free and join forces with a walker wielding Wiseman if he’s to find a cure
to the painful skin worms that infect him. Up against a ruthless assassin,
a mysterious alien UFO, the army he left behind, and a city filled with Rotters, it’s up to Max to fight the odds, or perish forever in the City of Rott.

From the creator of the international cult hit “City of Rott”, the bloody action flows freely in this animated Zombie sequel.

NTSC / 2.40:1 / English / 85 Minutes / Extras / Stereo / Color / All Regions (in NTSC format)