Discover well over 20+ Rotter Zombies in the planned film, City of Rott: Otherworld. Scroll to the Gallery title and find it in the drop down list. Click on that and explore the grisly zombies that will debut in the film.


City of Rott: Otherworld Zombie Test Walk

Early test footage of a Rotter Zombie walking for City of Rott: Otherworld, in early pre-production. Drawn on the software Gimp, and Assembled and animated on Anime Studio 8 Pro.

CITY OF ROTT 3 SCRIPT in the works.

City of Rott 3’s script is in the works, with several new concepts being brought to the table to keep the series fresh. This new story is currently entitled “City of Rott: Otherworld” and will feature hand drawn zombies, as seen in City of Rott 1, only with much better animation thanks to a program called Anime Studio Pro 8, which is a fairly exciting program to work on, thanks to its very intuitive and easy to learn features.