FSudol’s Tales of the Dim (New Horror Series) in 2015

TalesofthedimtitlepicFSudol’s TALES OF THE DIM:

New Animated Horror Series in 2015

As plans continue for City of Rott: Otherworld, in preparation for the movie, I decided to practice with an animated series I’ve always been dreaming about creating, so this was the perfect opportunity to test out my new animation software that I’m going to use for COR: Otherworld.

TALES OF THE DIM contains animated cartoon horror, monsters and gore first with a nice dose of subtle humor here and there, relating back to the title’s “DIM” double meaning. Thinking of all the dim-witted decisions people in horror movies are known to make when facing a monster, ghost or danger, but also “DIM” related to the lack of light, a dimly lit room. The first episode entitled “In the Ceiling” has just been completed and will be put online as a test for reaction. The episode only runs 7 minutes in length, perfect for a fun little animated horror series, much of which was inspired by many great horror movies and Horror TV series over the years.

Growing up, Tales From the Darkside really struck a chord, with some very unforgettable horror episodes like Halloween Candy or In the Closet, scattered among a lot of the non horror comedy sketches the show should never have considered, given the dark introduction opening Title the Darkside has been famous for. I heard there might be a new Tales from the Darkside reboot, following a main theme storyline over a variety of different episodes. George A Romero has quietly gone into retirement from what I can tell after he created Survival of the Dead and The Walking Dead arrived in 2010.

Back on topic, no release date in sight for City of Rott: Otherworld just yet, but things are slowly moving forward, with most of the main characters constructed and the script complete. These projects take huge amounts of self motivation and effort, so I want to make sure it’s the best I can make it as a one man production, as have all of my prior projects been.


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