After many requests over the years, I finally had some time to assemble the City of Rott soundtrack and make it available on If you’d still like to have it available in some form on CD, please let me know, and thank you for the support!


Tales of the Dim as a Chiller Channel’s Short Contest Finalist!

Back in April 2015, I entered Tales of the Dim “The Growth” into Chiller Channel’s Chiller’s Killer Shorts 2015 Contest just before the deadline, and it was selected as a finalist among 13 total finalists.


To cast your vote for it, visit and select the top button to the right of the video after clicking on Tales of the Dim “The Growth” among the other entries.
If it wins, your votes will have made the difference, thanks! No registration required. Just visit, click on the video, watch it and click on the top selection button next to The Growth.

Thank you. -F.Sudol

TALES OF THE DIM “Alien Exam” featuring Max Bludharte (of Dead Fury, Shock Invasion)!

TALES OF THE DIM “Alien Exam” (Animated Horror Series) is the 5th episode of a new animated horror series. If you want to see more, please give a thumbs up and subscribe today.
This episode, Max Bludharte (of Dead Fury, Shock Invasion’s “Ral”) is abducted by an Alien UFO, and prepared for examination of his internal organs. At least that is what the Aliens were hoping for. They don’t know Max.