Robotic Downfall Release Date, Plus – Amazing 3D Pop Out Cartoons! (City of Rott clip)

RD1024x768pressimage Screenshot-17The new game Robotic Downfall is about to be released for PC, Mac and Linux under FSudol Art Games. Prepare yourself for 30 action packed levels of Robotic blasting thrills in Robotic Downfall, created by F. Sudol. Includes Retro Mode and Normal mode (with music by Aggressive Electronx! Get the game June 9th, 2015 at:

Thank you for playing! The game was created using Game Editor software.


3D Link: Visit

Amazing 3D Pop Outs Short!
To adjust 3D, click on the gear icon and select 3D/options.
Red/Cyan (anaglyph 3D) or Stereo 3D (with a 3D HDTV for sbs)
Years ago, I decided to see what some of my cartoon illustrations would look like in stereo 3D, so went ahead and with the use of the Dashwood Stereo 3D Toolbox LE combined with Final Cut Express 4, turned them into stereo 3D. The goal was strong 3D pop outs. Did I succeed? Are the images way out of the screen? I hope so.

-The pizza you see is one I baked and took a picture of for this 3D presentation. It looked better than it tasted. Pizza needs more salt.
-City of Rott’s Fred appears also.
-The music is a electronica song I created, called “Grinder” under my music Aggressive Electronx.
-The cartoon illustrations are pictures I’ve drawn over the years.
Thanks for watching.
City of Rott © F. Sudol, BlackArro Productions


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