CITY OF ROTT: Otherworld First Image!

CITY OF ROTT: Otherworld First Image!


The first image from the planned movie City of Rott: Otherworld can be seen above. Pictured is Fred Figiero and his Walker after the events of City of Rott 1. City of Rott: Otherworld is not a prequel, but a definite step forward into the Otherworld for Fred. The otherworld is a very dangerous place filled with infectious Zombies as will soon be explained. But Fred is about to discover something even more sinister lurking in the shadows of the City of Rott. There are definite consequences to his actions in the Otherworld. I’m definitely excited about this new twist to the City of Rott and the return of Fred and his Walker. He’s a lot more focused this time, and has real goals in the movie beyond a pair of shoes.


The great news is the first sequence with Fred has been animated and currently rendering. The real challenge ahead will be finding more free time to make this project happen on schedule. No release date yet, but I’d like to have something concrete by Fall 2016. More later. – F. Sudol (Sole creator of City of Rott and all aspects of the film.)


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