Major progress on City of Rott: Streets of Rott The Game

City of Rott: Streets of Rott (working title) the new Video Game has gained some major progress in development since last time. Some difficulties I surpassed included the character facing the wrong way, collision detection not working properly,  how to include a weapon, how to include special moves, and many other features that take a lot of manual scripting in Game-Editor. Writing scripts in the language C is a major challenge, but when you overcome that challenge, it’s very satisfying to see your efforts and heavy thinking have resulted in something you wanted to see in the game.
City of Rott the game will most likely be released by 2016, though it might possibly depend on the timing of the movie also. Developed, programmed, art work, animation, music, sound effects by F. Sudol. This early version is a work in progress subject to change. PC, Mac, Linux. Zombie Horror, action brawler. Thanks! -F. Sudol


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