City of Rott: Brawler Game Update Dec 2015

City of Rott: Streets of Rott is a beat ’em up brawler, fighting game inspired by Streets of Rage 1 and 2 and is planned for PC, Mac and Linux for 2016. I’m developing the entire game alone, and while it’s a challenge, things are moving ahead as planned, as I begin the creation of level 2 through 8.

The biggest challenge is the coding of each new ability the characters have, adjusting the effects they cause to their other animations, and making sure everything stays consistent in their movements and animations. As one example, the characters Sarah would twitch unexpectedly when a certain button combination was pressed. That wasn’t the intention for her to twitch rapidly, so I had to figure out what was making that happen. After 14+ hours of carefully examining the pages of code, I finally found out how to correct it and got it responding with her twitching, so now she’ll perform the attack move without any glitch in the animation.

Another challenge was having the zombies tossed backwards, but then making them stand up instead of just dying. The reason it was a challenge is due to the fact that when they go into a toss path, they have to then hit the ground at the end of the path, switch to a motionless animation for a second, then begin to rise up. With 10 different zombie characters within a single enemy clone, it took some tricky programming to get it right, but after a good 20 hours of trial and error, I finally got it working as planned.

While I’m mostly having fun creating the game, I’m slowly progressing with the movie also, which I’ve gone back to adding Max for a bigger character role than the cameo he had before. Doing that changed up the plot a bit, but I definitely like the new direction the plot has taken. Just have to fine tune some stuff but many of the assets for the backgrounds and characters are ready to move forward once I finish the game hopefully soon. Thanks! -F. Sudol