Monsterland Trailer News: FSudol Toon

MONSTERLAND is an upcoming horror/comedy movie (which looks like fun, horror entertainment) that I was able to contribute some of my artwork and animation to in the form of a gory cartoon segment (not revealed in the trailer). Though I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m hoping my animated segment remains a part of it, as the trailer’s credits definitely suggest. I realize few things in life are guaranteed, but I’m definitely excited for the likely 2016 release of Monsterland, thanks to Ruthless Pictures and especially Steve Barton of . I’ll keep things updated as I learn more. If you’re interested in the type of style of horror movie this may be, I suggest checking out Zombieworld, also from Ruthless Pictures and Dread Central.

Things are progressing slowly on City of Rott Otherworld, but I hope to have more time to dedicate to it soon, aside from working on other art projects and work.

UPDATE: Monsterland DVD is now available on, the Playstation Store and more.


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