Cartoons From the Vault, by FSudol

Some new cartoons I created include Mr. Neverwrong, a short humorous skit about a rude guy hassling everyone he meets, as well as The Digusting World of Life, which focuses on the sad reality that our world has parasites feeding on living creatures as their entire way of life. The same could be said of humans feeding off the earth, but that’s for another topic. 😉

And moving on to my feature length cartoons and vintage cartoons, rather than leaving my cartoons in a dusty vault until I become an old man, life is short, so it’s time they see the light of day. Some for the first time ever, others that were isolated to DVD.

Starting with Shock Invasion, Dead Fury, two feature length animated horror humor movies I created.


Followed by Retro Toons, a series of Disney Animation Studio short films I created on the Amiga 2000 many years ago in the 1990’s. To clarify, the Disney Animation Studio is a software program the allowed for Cel Animation digitally on the computer back in the old days.


So if you enjoy the cartoons, and would like to see more, visit the BlackArro Productions channel through the video, then comment and subscribe to the BlackArro/FSudolArt Youtube Channel today. Thanks for being a fan! -FSudol


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