George A. Romero dies at 77.

Steve Barton’s Dread Central offers many tributes to George A. Romero, The King of Zombie movies, who passed away Sunday night at the age of 77 (1940 to 2017). Here’s a link to the heartfelt memories and influence George Romero had on the horror genre. It’s a great list of contributors, and I was able to add my own experience in there too (thanks Steve.)


Here’s a video tribute I created for the legend who inspired me to create City of Rott back in 2005, 2006.

While it’s not easy to say goodbye to someone meaningful after they die, it’s important to keep all of the good memories in mind, because that is what matters. The end is part of life, but so is the journey. It’s not so much about the one day they left, but the many days they were here for us to enjoy. As they say, the journey is the main experience in life, not just reaching a destination. To realize being sad won’t bring them back, and they wouldn’t want others to stay depressed for long, but instead, celebrate the life they had the chance to live and the good memories and influence they left behind. In this case, George A. Romero’s films and great personality. He will be remembered.

Originally Published on Jul 16, 2017

George A. Romero, the King of Zombie Movies, dies at age 77. 1940-2017 – Short Tribute Inspiration Film by F. Sudol.

[It was reported that George A. Romero died from his short but sudden battle with lung cancer, stemming from his years of smoking.]

The reason I created City of Rott was because of one movie. George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead from 1985. Without the impact that film had on my imagination and love of the Horror Genre and zombies in particular in my youth, the inspiration and challenge to create an entire, feature length zombie movie on my own in 2005 (completed 2006) would not be the same. Day of the Dead is still my favorite zombie movie of all time for the pure, unleashed Living Dead Horror created by George A. Romero and his brilliant Tom Savini team. They say it’s not how one dies that matters, but the life they lived. I believe that is most important, and even though a legend is gone, his Living Dead Films and other classics will live on, haunting the minds of all who watch. Rest in Peace, George. -FSudol

List of Films Directed by George A. Romero 2009 back to 1962
2009 Survival of the Dead
2007 Diary of the Dead
2005 Land of the Dead
2000 Bruiser
1993 The Dark Half
1990 Two Evil Eyes – segment
1988 Monkey Shines
1985 Day of the Dead
1982 Creepshow
1981 Knightriders
1978 Dawn of the Dead
1978 Martin
1973 The Crazies
1972 Season of the Witch
1971 There’s Always Vanilla
1968 Night of the Living Dead
1962 Expostulations (Short)

George A. Romero – 1940 to 2017 … His legend will live on.










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