City of Rott: Otherworld – Animate a Zombie Walk Cycle in Anime Studio

City of Rott: Otherworld – Reanimating a Zombie (Anime Studio Pro)
From the upcoming animated feature length zombie action-horror movie, City of Rott: Otherworld, is a rotting corpse zombie I illustrated and imported into PSD format, then dragged/dropped into Anime Studio Pro. Once inserted, it automatically forms the skeleton Icon containing all the pieces. The next step is to add each bone starting with the pivot torso. I always start there as that is the easiest point to pivot a walking, two legged character. For a dog pug, also in the film, that is a different story. Here I complete two quick walk cycles in 6 minutes. The all original electronica song track I created note by note from scratch using Garage Band. The track is entitled Undermined and will be featured in the upcoming Aggressive Electronx Album that I completed recently for 2018. I plan to have this song in the film at this time among other AE tracks I’ve created. City of Rott: Otherworld is at a major point nearing completion, about 75% finished. Just working on the final battle scene which will take time to complete but I’ve been looking forward to it since I started the project years ago on my own. All content, copyright Frank J Sudol. All Rights Reserved.