Zombie Head Dissection – For City of Rott: Otherworld

After setting up the .psd file in Gimp (or photoshop if you have it) as shown in the video below, next, I drag/drop the icon of that file directly into Anime Studio Pro (not shown), and then begin the animation of a flying bullet flare breaking apart the rotting skull of the zombie in City of Rott: Otherworld. Total time to animate this slow motion shot is 10 minutes. City of Rott, music and All content by FSudol copyright 2018.

Zombie Head Dissection – For City of Rott: Otherworld. To prepare this zombie for it’s head to be broken apart from a blast from Fred, I bring it into Gimp (like Photoshop), and piece it apart. Then I would bring that into Anime Studio Pro by drag/drop, and work from there, since I can’t edit the bitmap image within Anime Studio Pro as I need to as seen here. The finished animation will make more sense and be more detailed with more blood effects added. Music and content by FSudol. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.