Anim’Est Film Festival 2018 – City of Rott

Above is the link to the Creepy Animation Night 2018 for the Romania film festival, Anim’Est 2018, which will show City of Rott on the big screen for night 2 of the Creepy Animation Night Film Festival. Much thanks to Anim’Est International Animation Film Festival for their interest in the film City of Rott. The Film Festival runs from September 28 to October 7, 2018 in Bucharest, Romania. This will be the 2nd film festival showing City of Rott in 2018 by request. The first was the Animafest Zagreb, in Croatia on June 5, 2018. Here’s the original story link on this site:

Below are details from the official Anim’Est Film Fest Website about the event:


The 10th edition of the Creepy Animation Night showcases a marathon of bizarre and horror animations, with the newest titles of the genre, in an event that thrills the senses and the imagination. 

We start the horror screening at midnight, in two venues of the festival, Cinemateca Eforie and Cinema Elvire Popesco. The selection is made up of three blocks of films, with two intermissions.

In Cinemateca Eforie, the screening is preceded by the first performance of OrkiPP – an audio-visual project bringing together illustrator Alexandru Ciubotariu (akaPisica Pătrată) and the shoegazers Orkid. Starting from common sensations, ideas and images, Orkid and Pisica Pătratăă will do a 40-minute long synchronized improvisation. The post-traumatic blues of Orkid will transform into an instrumental dirge, with drones and complex guitar textures, and post-metal instrumental explosions. The animated symbols making up the visual universe of the band will be the background of the illustrator’s live-drawing, in a concept based on the alternation of symmetry and chaos.

Creepy Animation Night 2

City of Rott – USA, 68’, dir. Frank Sudol – director’s cut, 2018

The 13th edition of Anim’est International Animation Film Festival takes place from 28 September to 7 October 2018 in Bucharest, Romania, and its venues are: Cinemateca Eforie, Cinema Elvire Popesco, CINETic Centre, POINT and Expirat.


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