Cool Fan Art from Artist Evil Sparrow!

I appreciate and thank the fans of my cartoon films and art work. One of my biggest fans, Cathy, also known as the artist Evil Sparrow from Russia, has been creating a lot of cool fan art over the years inspired by my films; City of Rott, Dead Fury and Shock Invasion. With her permission, below are a few of her illustrations and sketches to enjoy. She is a talented, creative artist in my view.


City of Rott: Otherworld:  Fan Art by Evil Sparrow. This is such a cool piece of art with a nice composition of the three main characters up front, with the enemies behind them. Especially how she took the cartoon versions I created and made them appear more realistic in her own, unique style. This is still a work in progress, but already looking great. The Nurse Sarah, Fred with his Walker and Max with his Circular Saw stand against the evil Stalker Demon hovering above, and the City of Rott Zombies behind them. Really awesome!


City of Rott Fan Art by Evil Sparrow: Here’s the old man Fred, leaning on his talking Walker, having a rest from all of the zombie battles he’s been up to in his search for a new pair of shoes. Great expression of feeling tired but not giving up.


Shock Invasion Fan Art by Evil Sparrow: Ruford is helped by his friend, as his leg was dissolved from the acid of the monstrous alien invaders from my Shock Invasion film. This is a nice moment, where one character is caring for another.


City of Rott: Nurse Fan Art by Evil Sparrow. The Nurse, Sarah, expresses concern as she peers into the distance, no doubt filled with zombies stumbling closer.


City of Rott: Nurse Fan Art by Evil Sparrow. Here’s a cute, mini cartoon version of Sarah the Nurse from City of Rott.

Thanks to Cathy, for being a fan of my cartoons and movies over the years, and for creating these cool illustrations inspired by my animated films.

To see more of Cathy – Evil Sparrow’s Art work, you can visit:


Preview Trailer – Making of CORO

The Making of City of Rott Otherworld is a side project I’m working on, to give fans a better idea of the process of creating a movie entirely on your own with no outside help from others, as a unique challenge of total creative freedom. The project will be completed in 2019. More News Later.

New Electronica Music – Preview of New AE Album 2019

AE005 – A preview of Aggressive Electronx’ New sixth full length LP Album, entitled “Decaying Hope”, planned for an early 2019 release date digitally. All content subject to change.

For fans of electronica, heavy electronic music, techno, drum ‘n bass, trance, house and other styles of electronic music. The new album will feature 17 all new, original instrumental tracks created and composed by F. Sudol of Aggressive Electronx (electronics).

AE005 Aggressive Electronx “Decaying Hope”

Track Listing: 17 Tracks. All content by F. Sudol © 2018, 2019

AE Decaying Hope (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Sickening (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Turmoil

AE Relegate (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Surrounded (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Eradication (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Numb Minded

AE Confronted

AE Degenerator (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Stasis

AE Destroyer

AE Fabrication

AE Fusioned Apart

AE Target

AE Detector

AE Rotting

AE Undermined

All content subject to change. Thanks for listening!

Fast and Easy Halloween Costume! Pumpkin Pug

In this Halloween episode of Pug Around, Pug attacks some pesky trick or treaters invading his territory with their candy treats, which he’s eager to get ahold of, along with finding a fast and easy Halloween Costume for even more treats! Pug Around Series created by F. Sudol. All Content by Frank J Sudol © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks for watching!

Easy, Halloween, Costume, Pumpkin, Pug

Trick or treat!
You damn kids, get the hell out of here!
Growling, barking.

City of Rott News Coverage – Online Links

Some online news covered the City of Rott Otherworld 2018 Trailer announcement in early September 2018, and also some info on City of Rott as well. (Links active when posted)

And below is a cool 2018 note about City of Rott on Animation Magazine’s official website relating to an upcoming film festival:

Select horror screenings and events will be held in the open air as Animafest in Art Park: Three Nights of Total Horror. The section comprises “Creepy Animation Night” – featuring short films selected by Anim’est Festival Director Mihai Mitrică (Bucharest), as well as “Claymation Horror” – a compilation of stop-motion shorts by the viral star of trash-gore humor, Lee Hardcastle. Frank Sudol’s feature film City of Rott, another zombie creation marked by unique aesthetics, will also screen at Art Park.

Below is another, older article written by Ryan Ball for Animation Magazine, regarding 2008’s Dead Fury and City of Rott.

Another article on the animation world news site, awn .com highlights City of Rott recently again, at a prior film fest in 2018:

The three Art Park screenings concluded with City of Rott by Frank J. Sudol from the United States.  Inspired by the classic zombie films, Sudol’s 2006 feature film is the tale of a grumpy old man and his talking walker who set out alone, unarmed, and losing his mind to buy a new pair of shoes in the city of Rott.  The city is infected with hordes of flesh-eating zombies and the crazy old man only has his walker to battle the living dead.  Will he fall victim to the Rott Worms that inhabit the zombies decaying brains?  The film was entirely created, written, and directed by Sudol who is currently in production on a sequel to City of Rott called City of Rott: Other Worlds.  A short trailer for the new film was shown following the feature.


And here’s a 2016 article listing City of Rott in a top 15 Animated Horror Movies, which is cool to discover.

One more link I found, of a Top Ten Animated Horror Movies list I found by doing a search on yahoo for “animated zombie horror”. The list includes City of Rott (2006) and Dead Fury (2008).

UPDATE: Here’s a cool link to a Russian Fan Site, VK .com, of my cartoons and art work. It’s in Russian, but with a text translator, it’s fun to learn about my fans from Russia. They have a lot of information posted over the years. Thank you!





Anim’Est Film Festival 2018 – City of Rott

Above is the link to the Creepy Animation Night 2018 for the Romania film festival, Anim’Est 2018, which will show City of Rott on the big screen for night 2 of the Creepy Animation Night Film Festival. Much thanks to Anim’Est International Animation Film Festival for their interest in the film City of Rott. The Film Festival runs from September 28 to October 7, 2018 in Bucharest, Romania. This will be the 2nd film festival showing City of Rott in 2018 by request. The first was the Animafest Zagreb, in Croatia on June 5, 2018. Here’s the original story link on this site:

Below are details from the official Anim’Est Film Fest Website about the event:


The 10th edition of the Creepy Animation Night showcases a marathon of bizarre and horror animations, with the newest titles of the genre, in an event that thrills the senses and the imagination. 

We start the horror screening at midnight, in two venues of the festival, Cinemateca Eforie and Cinema Elvire Popesco. The selection is made up of three blocks of films, with two intermissions.

In Cinemateca Eforie, the screening is preceded by the first performance of OrkiPP – an audio-visual project bringing together illustrator Alexandru Ciubotariu (akaPisica Pătrată) and the shoegazers Orkid. Starting from common sensations, ideas and images, Orkid and Pisica Pătratăă will do a 40-minute long synchronized improvisation. The post-traumatic blues of Orkid will transform into an instrumental dirge, with drones and complex guitar textures, and post-metal instrumental explosions. The animated symbols making up the visual universe of the band will be the background of the illustrator’s live-drawing, in a concept based on the alternation of symmetry and chaos.

Creepy Animation Night 2

City of Rott – USA, 68’, dir. Frank Sudol – director’s cut, 2018

The 13th edition of Anim’est International Animation Film Festival takes place from 28 September to 7 October 2018 in Bucharest, Romania, and its venues are: Cinemateca Eforie, Cinema Elvire Popesco, CINETic Centre, POINT and Expirat.

City of Rott: Otherworld Details/Art

Feature Length, Animated Zombie Action Horror Movie: City of Rott: Otherworld
City of Rott: Otherworld, created and directed by F. Sudol and intended for mature audiences due to cartoon blood and gore, is an animated, feature length (92 minutes) horror action movie from BlackArro Productions, and a sequel to the cult classic City of Rott (2006). The first City of Rott was released in August 2006 to Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Borders and other stores through Unearthed Films, and also appeared in Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Gore Zone magazine, as well as on major horror websites.
Join Fred, an old man with his deadly, talking Walker, Max, a tough guy eager to slice up zombies with his circular saw, and Sarah, a mysterious Nurse, empowered with the energy of the Otherworld. Hunted by the deadly, unforgiving Stalker Demon and hordes of the living dead, this trio must fight for their very existence if they’re to reach the freedom of the Bridge of Rott in their dangerous quest to escape the city.
Watch the new City of Rott: Otherworld Trailer below. A release date for the full movie has not been set.






F. Sudol’s credits also include work on The South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer and Uncut as an assistant technical director and additional animator, lip sync artist.
Director Frank Sudol link on IMDB: