AE (Aggressive Electronx) Music Creation Process – How to Step-Record each Note (Garage Band)

Published on Jan 27, 2019

This new track may or may not appear on the upcoming Aggressive Electronx Album, “Decaying Hope” by F. Sudol, set for a spring 2019 release. All info and music content created by F. Sudol of BlackArro Productions. © 2019. All Rights Reserved. AE (Aggressive Electronx) Music Creation Process – How to Step-Record each Note (Garage Band). As I was creating this song, I use step-recording for the most accurate and fastest way to program music. This song is fairly basic and straight forward in terms of melody layering, but it’s a good example of how I create music out of my head, based on the energy and melody that I’m intending to create. It took time to develop a better sense of melody over the years, but by listening to your favorite music artists, that can definitely inspire you to develop your own style.
Here are the instructions I created to guide me when I was first learning how to use Garageband, since it doesn’t include clear instructions offline.
BASIC SONG CREATION: STEP RECORDING: Recording manually instead of real time. Open the Keyboard option WINDOW/Keyboard or /Musical Typing. To create audio for a track, press RECORD, then press any key. Once a key is recorded, edit the key as you prefer. From then on, no need to record live. Set it like the MTV Music Generator on PS1.
RECORDING VOICES: Create a new Real Instrument Vocal by pressing the Plus Button in the lower left corner. Once created, you’ll see a Sound Track created, after which you can use FX to alter as you record, or post effects after recording. To record, press record. This also works while playing back a song, so you can sing to it. Monitor: To hear the filter recording as it happens, under Input Source, Turn Monitor bar to ON. Recording level should be the same as your computer’s.
IMPORTING AUDIO TRACKS: First, Add to Library into ITUNES the folder of tracks you want to import into garageband. Next, in the lower right hand corner, pick the Music Icon and drag drop the track/s you want to edit into the REAL INSTRUMENT Track.
LAYING DOWN THE FIRST NOTE: It would seem easy, but it’s not as obvious as you might think. 1. In you Instrument Scissor lower Screen Tab, press the COMMAND/Apple Button and hold it, then mouse click into the measures where you want the note to begin. Once it’s laid down, you can change the length by dragging the end, or position by moving it.
USER INTERFACE: Similar to MTV Music Generator: Select Tracks being altered: CREATE NEW NOTE: Apple/command+Point and press Mouse where you want the note to go. EXTEND LENGTH OF RIFF BAR: In main window, to extend the size of new riff, hold and drag bottom EXTEND NOTE: At end of note, hold and drag to target point SPIT TRACK: Control T JOIN TRACKS: Control J LOOP/REPEAT SELECTION: Click on the Loop ICON next to the lower PLAY button, then drag the pointer up top on the numbers timeline in the new gray bar that appears.
PICKING A RIFF VERSUS HIGHLIGHTING IT (Green boxes): Heads up, if you just box select by dragging over a select set of boxes, you’re not actually picking that instrument to copy/paste that set back into if it’s not already selected, instead, you’re just highlighting it dark green instead of lighter green. The dark highlight color is the same as the picked color, but when you press paste, if you’re not already selected in that instrument’s bars, you will paste it into the most recent instrument’s instead. I fall for this incredibly annoying programmer oversight a thousand times now and don’t seem to be connecting the dots fast enough. To solve this oversight, look at the INSTRUMENT to see if that is highlighted, not the riff boxes themselves. Or just pick direct onto the riff first, then highlight after the instrument is picked.
COPY INSTRUMENT: Select it on the left side, then find TRACK/DUPLICATE TRACK. It saves more time than creating a NEW TRACK. Then just change it to the instrument you want. AUTO SCROLL WITH MUSIC: To make the target red line marker move with the music as you’d want, make sure the bottom right corner two gray arrows pointing down are clicked on so both are directly above each other, not diagonal, which just leaves the red marker static when playing a song. If you click in the song while it’s playing, you’ll have to retrack it back in sync.
TO FULLY OPEN THE TRACK VIEW: Eliminate the Right side bar info panel by double clicking on the “i” “eye” or “music/movie” icons in the lower right corner. Click again to reappear. All info and music content created by F. Sudol of BlackArro Productions. © 2019. All Rights Reserved.

New Electronica Music – Preview of New AE Album 2019

AE005 – A preview of Aggressive Electronx’ New sixth full length LP Album, entitled “Decaying Hope”, planned for an early 2019 release date digitally. All content subject to change.

For fans of electronica, heavy electronic music, techno, drum ‘n bass, trance, house and other styles of electronic music. The new album will feature 17 all new, original instrumental tracks created and composed by F. Sudol of Aggressive Electronx (electronics).

AE005 Aggressive Electronx “Decaying Hope”

Track Listing: 17 Tracks. All content by F. Sudol © 2018, 2019

AE Decaying Hope (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Sickening (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Turmoil

AE Relegate (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Surrounded (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Eradication (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Numb Minded

AE Confronted

AE Degenerator (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Stasis

AE Destroyer

AE Fabrication

AE Fusioned Apart

AE Target

AE Detector

AE Rotting

AE Undermined

All content subject to change. Thanks for listening!