Old Maul vs Emperor – Star Wars Parody 2019

In this parody cartoon of Star Wars, Old Darth Maul (Solo: A Star Wars Story) battles his old Sith Master, Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine (from the upcoming Star Wars 9, The Rise of Skywalker). For more videos like this, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching! All art, animation, music, sfx by F. Sudol. 2019. This is a parody cartoon.


Arriving Soon from BlackArro / FSudol Art…

Arriving Soon in 2019 from BlackArro / FSudol Art:
The Making of City of Rott: Otherworld Documentary (1 hour 50 minutes currently) Friday, April 19, 2019
Also Arriving Soon: New Episodes
Darth Maul Spoof
Tales of the Dim
Mr. Neverwrong
Pug Around
Stay tuned…
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Music by FSudol of Aggressive Electronx (new album soon).


Mr. NeverWrong complains of large nose photo – Animated Humor Series

In this episode of Mr. Neverwrong, Mr. Never Wrong is complaining to the Photo Manager that his nose is too big in the photo he asked to be upscaled and printed out for $49.99. When he sees it, he is outraged and let’s his irrational anger loose on the manager, who has the unpleasant experience of dealing with the very unreasonable Mr. Neverwrong. Entire series created by F. Sudol. © 2019. All Rights Reserved.
Here’s your giant photo, blown up just like you requested. That will be
$49.99 please.

Excuse me, but you must be out of your stinking mind if you think I’m going to pay for this insult.

I’m sorry? You don’t like it?

No I don’t like it! My nose isn’t that big! What is this some kind of joke? How dare you, haaaa! I’ve never seen my nose look that big in my entire life!
As a matter of fact, I’m going to sue the living hell out of you and this establishment for insulting me! How dare you! And then you have the gall to ask me to pay for this outrage?! You got some nerve mister, and there’s going to be a lawsuit, I promise you that. My nose isn’t that big, and for you to mock me and make it look that large is insulting. Where’s your manager?

I’m the manager.
You’re serious, aren’t you?

How dare you! Of course I’m serious! You should be ashamed. As a matter of fact, I’m so disgusted that you would make my nose look so big, that I want this horrible picture torn up and destroyed! And I want you to give me the negatives so those can be destroyed as well! Right now mister, haaa! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer for defamation of character, haaa! Badbye and good riddance! Haaa!

Fast and Easy Halloween Costume! Pumpkin Pug

In this Halloween episode of Pug Around, Pug attacks some pesky trick or treaters invading his territory with their candy treats, which he’s eager to get ahold of, along with finding a fast and easy Halloween Costume for even more treats! Pug Around Series created by F. Sudol. All Content by Frank J Sudol © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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Easy, Halloween, Costume, Pumpkin, Pug

Trick or treat!
You damn kids, get the hell out of here!
Growling, barking.

Why do I draw what I draw?

Unless noted in the cartoon, I do everything on my own, including the illustrations, animations, voice acting, sound effects, original music, editing, directing and more, as a One Man Production under BlackArro Productions and FSudol Art.

I grew up watching horror movies as a kid, so it influenced my art quite a bit. But also just observing Nature itself influenced my cartoons. How a tiny baby animal is born, and then seeing a larger cat pounce in, kill and devour it. Very merciless world we live in, and my cartoons express some of that horror, but in a lighter, cartoony, and somewhat humorous way. They are not meant to be taken too seriously in that sense, but merely be a reflection of Nature, and horror films. Another big influence was Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair, as Dirk wandered through the Haunted Castle for Daphne, slicing and dicing apart goblins, ghosts, bats, monsters, and more. I’ll never forget the impact that game had on my imagination. My cartoon series, the Chicken Chopshop is a reflection of that theme.

I’m a Self-Taught Artist with a focus on cartooning and illustration. I do freelance art work, and have a regular job, but when I have extra spare time, I can often be found spending it creating cartoons, animations and films.

In 1998 to 1999, worked On the South Park Movie as an additional animator (lip sync artist) and assistant technical director (scene set ups/adjustments) for 1 year. (Look for the name Frank Sudol in end credits twice).

As a general notice, my horror cartoons are intended for older audiences (Much like Family Guy or other cartoons made for grown ups) due to cartoon blood and gore, and some language. If you’re a fan of my art, thank you! If you’re not a fan, that’s okay too, as no one can please everyone, and they don’t have to. 😉

And just as important, if you have an ambition in life, pursue it against all odds. You are capable of achieving many things if you put your mind and energy 100% into it. Better to reach the end of your life and look back, knowing you gave it every thing you had, win or lose, than to regret what could’ve been. Life is short, make your dreams happen while you still can, but enjoy the journey while you’re at it, most importantly.  Because life is a journey. And remember, nothing really happens till you take ACTION. Take that one small step to move things forward. And if the project stalls, find another small step you can take to keep it going, even when you may not feel like it or be distracted by life. Even a half hour per day is enough to keep the ball rolling if you lose your motivation at some point.
If things go wrong and the frustration and disappointment rise, remember my favorite saying, “It’s not what happens, it’s what you do that matters.” Set backs, roadblocks and failed plans in life are normal, so rather than get depressed or angry about it, find a way around it or through it if possible, or adjust as needed, but don’t give up.

Remember that being depressed or feeling sorry for oneself gets you nowhere in life. It holds you back and prevents progress. If you still feel sad about the set backs, write down your thoughts over time, towards a positive plan to solve your challenges. If you’re afraid of something, fear is most times a choice, dependent on how we choose to view the situation. You can choose confidence, not fear, and be better for it. Ask yourself, what good has fear ever done to help you reach your goals? Look on the positive side of things whenever possible while acknowledging the negative. Both negative and positive always exist, it just depends where you put your energy and focus, dependent on your goals. Believe in your art and your goal, and make it happen!

Major Art Benchmarks by F.Sudol include:

-1990 GamePro Magazine Contest: 1st Place “Create your Own Video Game”, winning selection featured in Magazine “Insect Invasion”, an RPG game with fully detailed illustrations and features of the game. $100 prize. It’s the issue with a Phantasy Star 2 face on the front Cover of the national magazine (now extinct).

-1991 Draw Your Dad Jamesway Contest. 1st place, $10,000 Savings Bond. Jamesway was a department store chain similar to Kmart and Ames, and Jamesway disappeared by the late 90’s. This contest was for all ages. The goal was to draw your father for Father’s Day and what he does in his spare time. I decided to draw my Dad, catching air on his riding lawn mower, dunking a basketball, painting, playing baseball, using tools and lots of other things he did in his spare time. I believe it won first place because all of the things in the picture could be bought at Jamesway. But I am happy with the way the drawing turned out too. It was a shock to win, but I was very happy. It also included a wrist watch, which I’ve since lost, but I still have the text “Congratulations” poster that was shown in my old Jamesway store.

-1993 – State Fair Art Gallery Show – 1st place Blue Ribbon for my cartoon “Planting for New Life”, which featured a farmer and his horse, planting seeds in a field where all of the trees were cut down. It used a cut out style, where I cut out the characters and taped them for a 3D pop out effect against the hand drawn background.

-1996, 1997 First place in two Art Gallery Scholarships in College. $1500.

-1998, 1999 Work as a South Park Additional Animator and Assistant Technical Director (as listed in end credits for Frank Sudol) for the major motion picture South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. Met Matt Stone and Trey Parker as they were at the production location fairly often. Look for the character wearing all black in the front row of the Canadian Crowd during the Uncle Song by Terrance and Phillip. Animated those bouncing heads and many shots of Kyle, Kenny, Stan and Cartman among other characters throughout the movie, along with the team.

-2003 to 2005 Production and completion of 5 episodes of the animated series, “The Chicken ChopShop”.

-2005 Featured Animation selected for the Major San Diego Comic Con Convention Center in California. Presented to an audience, a showing of a 22 minute Chicken ChopShop episode (episode 5). Met many show stars at the event including Ken Foree (got his autograph of Dawn of the Dead from Romero), Erin Gray (of Buck Rogers), Bruce Campbell (of the Evil Dead films), Ray Park (Darth Maul from Star Wars), Kenny Baker (R2D2 of Star Wars), Kate Beckinsale (of the Underworld movies), Karl Urban (of Doom and Dredd), The Rock Dwayne Johnson (who was supporting Doom at the event, the movie), Kevin Eastman (co creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he was promoting his booth with his books and illustrations), Seth Green (of Robot Chicken and the show Dads that is canceled), Sid Haig (of Devil’s Rejects and Buck Rogers, etc) and quite a few more, including Kauffman from Troma Films.

-2006 Release of one of the first, fully dedicated animated Zombie Feature Films with a runtime of 77 minutes, “City of Rott” was distributed on the Unearthed Films label of Steve Biro and Paul White. The film was featured in Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video walk in stores back when there were rental video stores before many of them closed down once Netflix took over. City of Rott met with plenty of positive critic reviews and fan support, though it also has its share of critics, understandably, for its simple story line. BlackArro Productions banner. The film was heavily influenced by the late, great George A. Romero, the King of Zombie films.

-2008 Release of “Dead Fury”. This film, partially thanks to it’s obscure title, went under the radar of many. It was an homage to the Evil Dead films and the Hills Have Eyes, and was released through Unearthed Films on DVD in the US and Germany.

-2010 Release of “Shock Invasion”. A sci fi action animated feature. Shock Invasion was a much more refined and well told film compared to the prior releases under the BlackArro Productions banner. Limited release.

-2012 Release of “Gnome in the Haunted Castle 3D”. A smaller film, it was 42 minutes and was the first film done in Computer Animation, with a 2D and Stereo 3D version on the same DVD disc.

-2014 Release of “City of Rott 2”. An 85 minute feature follow up to the successful City of Rott, and continues the story this time with Harry Figiero, an old man and brother of the prior film’s star, Fred.

-2014 Release of FSudol Art Games first project, “Tomb of Twelve”. An adventure platformer game spanning a large open landscape with a day/night cycle. It follows the story of an old homeless man seeking a better life by finding treasure, so he can once and for all abandon the cardboard box he calls home. PC, Mac, Linux.

-2014 Release of 4 full length LP albums of Heavy Electronica music from the mind of F.Sudol under Aggressive Electronx.

-2015. Aggressive Electronx’ 5th album with 15 tracks, 59 minutes of all original music by FSudol. Programming, sounds, music and artwork by FSudol.

Also in 2015, the introduction of Tales of the Dim. The series continues through 2016 and possibly more… It was heavily inspired by Tales from the Darkside, by George A. Romero.

Tales of the Dim episode “The Growth” was picked for Chiller Channel TV’s chillerskillershorts.com/ though it’s probably the least scary episode I made. The time limit for the contest was 5 minutes, so being the 2nd one created, I entered it for the heck of it and it was picked as one of the 13 top finalists. Not worried about winning or losing, just nice to see it was selected.

FSudol’s Robotic Downfall the video game inspired by Frenzy, Robotron and Berzerk will be released late May, early June 2015 for Mac, Linux and PC.

-2016 My short film, Monster Man (starring Fred Figiero), was featured on the Monsterland DVD, released in the US on DVD, video and more. The Feature film contains many horror shorts inspired by monsters, and I’m glad to have my short included, where Fred finds and hunts for a dangerous monster attacking hunters in the forest. Big thank you to Dread Central’s Steve Barton for the chance to contribute! My name in the box and film credits.

-2017 Release of City of Rott: Streets of Rott the video game beat-em up brawler, on Steampowered.com. Steam is one of the largest, most successful video game retailers online in the world, currently. It was a definitely a dream of mine to have my cartooning represented on that stage and thank you to all of the fans who voted for the game to allow it to happen on Steam Greenlight. Without your votes, it would not have been. Thanks!

-2018 and beyond. I hope to have City of Rott: Otherworld completed and we’ll see what happens after that. I love art, so I will continue to develop, improve and learn as I go. Thank you! -FSudol