New Electronica Music – Preview of New AE Album 2019

AE005 – A preview of Aggressive Electronx’ New sixth full length LP Album, entitled “Decaying Hope”, planned for an early 2019 release date digitally. All content subject to change.

For fans of electronica, heavy electronic music, techno, drum ‘n bass, trance, house and other styles of electronic music. The new album will feature 17 all new, original instrumental tracks created and composed by F. Sudol of Aggressive Electronx (electronics).

AE005 Aggressive Electronx “Decaying Hope”

Track Listing: 17 Tracks. All content by F. Sudol © 2018, 2019

AE Decaying Hope (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Sickening (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Turmoil

AE Relegate (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Surrounded (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Eradication (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Numb Minded

AE Confronted

AE Degenerator (featured in City of Rott: Otherworld)

AE Stasis

AE Destroyer

AE Fabrication

AE Fusioned Apart

AE Target

AE Detector

AE Rotting

AE Undermined

All content subject to change. Thanks for listening!


Fast and Easy Halloween Costume! Pumpkin Pug

In this Halloween episode of Pug Around, Pug attacks some pesky trick or treaters invading his territory with their candy treats, which he’s eager to get ahold of, along with finding a fast and easy Halloween Costume for even more treats! Pug Around Series created by F. Sudol. All Content by Frank J Sudol © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks for watching!

Easy, Halloween, Costume, Pumpkin, Pug

Trick or treat!
You damn kids, get the hell out of here!
Growling, barking.

City of Rott News Coverage – Online Links

Some online news covered the City of Rott Otherworld 2018 Trailer announcement in early September 2018, and also some info on City of Rott as well. (Links active when posted)

And below is a cool 2018 note about City of Rott on Animation Magazine’s official website relating to an upcoming film festival:

Select horror screenings and events will be held in the open air as Animafest in Art Park: Three Nights of Total Horror. The section comprises “Creepy Animation Night” – featuring short films selected by Anim’est Festival Director Mihai Mitrică (Bucharest), as well as “Claymation Horror” – a compilation of stop-motion shorts by the viral star of trash-gore humor, Lee Hardcastle. Frank Sudol’s feature film City of Rott, another zombie creation marked by unique aesthetics, will also screen at Art Park.

Below is another, older article written by Ryan Ball for Animation Magazine, regarding 2008’s Dead Fury and City of Rott.

Another article on the animation world news site, awn .com highlights City of Rott recently again, at a prior film fest in 2018:

The three Art Park screenings concluded with City of Rott by Frank J. Sudol from the United States.  Inspired by the classic zombie films, Sudol’s 2006 feature film is the tale of a grumpy old man and his talking walker who set out alone, unarmed, and losing his mind to buy a new pair of shoes in the city of Rott.  The city is infected with hordes of flesh-eating zombies and the crazy old man only has his walker to battle the living dead.  Will he fall victim to the Rott Worms that inhabit the zombies decaying brains?  The film was entirely created, written, and directed by Sudol who is currently in production on a sequel to City of Rott called City of Rott: Other Worlds.  A short trailer for the new film was shown following the feature.


And here’s a 2016 article listing City of Rott in a top 15 Animated Horror Movies, which is cool to discover.

One more link I found, of a Top Ten Animated Horror Movies list I found by doing a search on yahoo for “animated zombie horror”. The list includes City of Rott (2006) and Dead Fury (2008).

UPDATE: Here’s a cool link to a Russian Fan Site, VK .com, of my cartoons and art work. It’s in Russian, but with a text translator, it’s fun to learn about my fans from Russia. They have a lot of information posted over the years. Thank you!





City of Rott: Otherworld Official Trailer 2018!!

The Official City of Rott: Otherworld Trailer is finally here!

Join Fred, the old man with his deadly, talking Walker, Max, the tough guy who knows how to slice up zombies with his circular saw, and Sarah, the mysterious but powerful Nurse, empowered with the energy of the Otherworld. Hunted by the deadly, unforgiving Stalker, this trio must fight for their very existence if they’re to reach the freedom of the Bridge of Rott, in their dangerous quest to escape the City of Rott.
City of Rott: Otherworld, a feature length animated zombie horror action movie is a BlackArro Presentation of a One Man Production by Frank J. Sudol. All content by F. Sudol © 2018. USA All Rights Reserved. Release date TBD (to be determined). City of Rott: Otherworld is the direct sequel to City of Rott 1 (2006) and the follow up to City of Rott 2 (2014).
TRAILER 2 Dialog for Translation:
What the hell? Am I still alive?
No Fred, you’re dead.
So why am I here dammit?
Because of the Stalker. Without him, none of this exists.
Well, it’s not a sword, but it’ll have to do.
Help me please!
Say mister, you see a shoe store around here, my feet are killing me!
Look, Doesn’t she remind you of that nurse?
You want the bridge of Rott, find her!
I need to find Sarah.
I told ya, she’s radioactive, you hang around her, you’ll be dead.
You stay away from her, you hear me?
So what are you gonna do about those brain worms that turned you into an old man long before your time?
If you can show us the way, we’d really appreciate it.
I said the bridge of rott, not the wall of rott!
You think Sarah will ever go for an old geezer like you?
Stay back stalker, these are my friends!
How’d you keep the stalker away?
You’ll find out soon enough.
Too bad she’s almost dead.
She needs help!
Nothing turned out as planned, stuck in a living hell. But you’re not giving up, are you?
Find me a pair of legs and I’ll save her!
It’s what you do that matters, right? Right!
Here’s your leg, how’s Sarah?
This isn’t even the right leg!
Say goodbye to the Otherworld.
Welcome. To the City. The City of Rott. City of Rott! x2
City of Rott!
I just wanna be happy dammit, and there’s no better time than now!
So are you happy?
Ask me after I cross the bridge.
All content by F. Sudol © 2018. USA All Rights Reserved.

Once the film was 99% complete with all sound effects in place, making the trailer was a lot easier than before, where I would create the trailer as the film was being created and then sound effects had to be added separately to the trailer. This new way saved a lot of time.
Thanks to the City of Rott Fans around the world! The next phase is seeing what options will be available for distributing this movie and getting it out there to the world. It takes time and patience, but I’ll do my best to reach a wide audience if the options are available.



City of Rott 3 Teaser Trailer 2018

Great news from BlackArro Productions, a one man animation studio. The animation process for City of Rott: Otherworld is complete! Now it’s just final editing, sound effects and music to add. Then the next challenge is creating a trailer and marketing the film to earn more fans, as well as finding a film distributor to help it reach blu ray, digital and a wider audience. While 2018 would be great, there is currently no release date set until this next phase begins.

That said, I appreciate all the fan support I’ve received. I have watched the film a few times now and I’m pleased with the way it turned out, very close to my vision and the story I wanted to tell, even before music and sound effects, which help improve the film more so. -Frank Sudol, BlackArro Productions, Sole Creator of City of Rott: Otherworld, City of Rott, City of Rott 2, Dead Fury, Shock Invasion, Tales of the Dim, and more.






Animafest Zagreb 2018 City of Rott


At the 2018 Animafest in Croatia, Tuesday, June 5, 2018, City of Rott was on the schedule of animated films at the major film festival celebrating animated pictures. I’m glad to have been a part of it, and wish the best success to the Animafest, which concludes on June 9th. Special thanks to Sanja for requesting City of Rott as part of the major event.

2018 City of Rott: Otherworld Update

City of Rott Otherworld is still progressing as I work on it in my spare time, fine tuning it and feeling motivated to complete it hopefully this year, 2018 as I get closer to the finish line with all aspects of production. The action scenes are fun, but with all that is happening in each scene, it takes a while to complete. The dialog scenes also take some time since you have to sync each mouth to the voice’s sounds, then fine tune it with animation afterwards for the character talking. Here are a few new pics from the animated horror movie.