City of Rott 3 Teaser Trailer 2018

Great news from BlackArro Productions, a one man animation studio. The animation process for City of Rott: Otherworld is complete! Now it’s just final editing, sound effects and music to add. Then the next challenge is creating a trailer and marketing the film to earn more fans, as well as finding a film distributor to help it reach blu ray, digital and a wider audience. While 2018 would be great, there is currently no release date set until this next phase begins.

That said, I appreciate all the fan support I’ve received. I have watched the film a few times now and I’m pleased with the way it turned out, very close to my vision and the story I wanted to tell, even before music and sound effects, which help improve the film more so. -Frank Sudol, BlackArro Productions, Sole Creator of City of Rott: Otherworld, City of Rott, City of Rott 2, Dead Fury, Shock Invasion, Tales of the Dim, and more.







Animafest Zagreb 2018 City of Rott


At the 2018 Animafest in Croatia, Tuesday, June 5, 2018, City of Rott was on the schedule of animated films at the major film festival celebrating animated pictures. I’m glad to have been a part of it, and wish the best success to the Animafest, which concludes on June 9th. Special thanks to Sanja for requesting City of Rott as part of the major event.

2018 City of Rott: Otherworld Update

City of Rott Otherworld is still progressing as I work on it in my spare time, fine tuning it and feeling motivated to complete it hopefully this year, 2018 as I get closer to the finish line with all aspects of production. The action scenes are fun, but with all that is happening in each scene, it takes a while to complete. The dialog scenes also take some time since you have to sync each mouth to the voice’s sounds, then fine tune it with animation afterwards for the character talking. Here are a few new pics from the animated horror movie.




City of Rott: Otherworld – Slide Show 2018 Preview

Published on Dec 3, 2017

City of Rott: Otherworld – Slide Show 2018 Preview. As a glimpse of the upcoming animated horror-action movie, this series of images from the cartoon zombie feature length film offer a preview of the visuals. The gory cartoon with some humor included, is intended for grown-up audiences, but will not have a rating. Contains animated blood, gore, violence and some language. The film is developing, but no release date is set at this time. Hopefully sooner than later though. I’ll do my best with the limited free time I have to work on the major project. Thanks! – FSudol

City of Rott: Otherworld Update


City of Rott: Otherworld Update October 18, 2017

City of Rott Otherworld is still in development, though my available spare free time with art projects and work has diminished, so your patience is much appreciated. I hope to have a new trailer available by the end of 2017 if possible, but I’ll see how much I progress with in the next month or two.

This project is being made entirely just for the fun of it with zero funding, and there are times that it’s not always fun. Life itself can be a major distraction too. During challenging times, it takes a firm focus to sit down and push ahead with the next scene to advance things. It requires a lot of work to complete each feature length movie in all aspects on your own, and a major commitment since it takes up so much of life and my free time. In that sense, City of Rott Otherworld might be my final full length movie for a long while anyway. There are times it’s fun thankfully, and that is probably what keeps me working on it in the long term since I began work on it in 2015. I notice the less lip syncing I have to do, the more fun it is to work on. 😉 Dialog is important for the characters, so I will keep only the important dialog in there, to progress the story and cut out the unnecessary words. That makes the project easier to tackle.

Though I lip synced for the South Park Movie in 1998, 1999 for Paramount Studios, even back then it wasn’t much fun, since you’re just timing mouths to sounds and then scrubbing back to see how it matches. Not all that exciting, but it is satisfying when you see the mouths match the words spoken in terms of timing. As a general lip sync tip, I find it’s better to start a new mouth a split second earlier than later in many cases. If mouths appear after a sound is spoken instead of at the same time or slightly before, then it’ll seem like the lip sync is off and delayed. That’s why it’s better to have the mouth either on time or slightly before than delayed afterwards.

As far as the film, it’s probably about 60% complete, but I will still have to go back in and add sound effects and the final music score, while adjusting the volumes for the spoken dialog. For the sake of getting the project film completed, I may be aiming for a 50 minute runtime instead of padding it out unnecessarily at 90 minutes. I’ll see how much I can complete within the next month or so before my free time disappears in large part. Thanks again for being a fan and for your patience as the film progresses. No release date is set at this time, depending on how things go with it.


Creating an Original Music Track (Aggressive Electronx by FSudol)

Creating an Original Music Track (Aggressive Electronx by FSudol). This video demonstrates a sample of how I create each song, through step recording. This is created on Garageband. As far as my next AE album, it’s getting there, though I would like to incorporate some songs from it into my animated feature film, City of Rott: Otherworld, which is in development, so that may delay things in that regard. Thanks for being a fan.  -FSudol