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Welcome to the animated home of F.Sudol’s creations! Unless noted in the cartoon, I do everything on my own, including the illustrations, animations, voice acting, sound effects, original music, editing, directing and more, as a One Man Production under BlackArro Productions and FSudol Art.

I grew up watching horror movies as a kid, so it influenced my art quite a bit. But also just observing Nature itself influenced my cartoons. How a tiny baby animal is born, and then seeing a larger cat pounce in, kill and devour it. Very merciless world we live in, and my cartoons express some of that horror, but in a lighter, cartoony, and somewhat humorous way. They are not meant to be taken too seriously in that sense, but merely be a reflection of Nature, horror films. Another big influence was Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair, as Dirk wandered through the Haunted Castle for Daphne, slicing and dicing apart goblins, ghosts, bats, monsters, and more. I’ll never forget the impact that game had on my imagination. My cartoon series, the Chicken Chopshop is a reflection of that theme.
Self taught Artist with a focus on cartooning and illustration. I do freelance art work, and have a regular job, but when I have extra spare time, I can often be found spending it creating cartoons, animations and films.

In 1998 to 1999, worked On the South Park Movie as an additional animator (lip sync artist) and assistant technical director (scene set ups/adjustments) for 1 year. (Look for the name Frank Sudol in end credits twice). (this has the largest selection of all of my art styles)

As a general notice, my horror cartoons are intended for older audiences (Much like Family Guy or other cartoons made for grown ups) due to cartoon blood and gore, and some language.

ANIMATED FILMS by Frank J. Sudol of BlackArro Productions and FSudol Art:

City of Rott: Otherworld TBD (In Production)

Mini Series: Mr. Neverwrong, The Disgusting World of Life (parasites), etc.

Tales of the Dim (2015…)

City of Rott 2 (85 minutes, computer animated) 2014

In the Mind of a Cartoonist: Artist F. Sudol Drawing Series II (128 minutes) 2014

Gnome in the Haunted Castle (42 minutes, computer animated) 2012

In the Mind of a Cartoonist: Artist F. Sudol Drawing Series I (102 minutes) 2011

Shock Invasion (71 minutes, cut out style animation) 2010, 2011

Dead Fury (82 minutes, cut out style animation) 2008

City of Rott (77 minutes, cut out style animation) 2006

The Chicken ChopShop Series (128 minutes, 5+ episodes, cut out style animation) 2004

Gumby Adventures (Stop Frame Animation, 50 minutes) 2002 (Unreleased)

The South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (Assistant Technical Director and Additional Animator only) 1999

The Chicken ChopShop Short (Computer Animation, 5 minutes) 1998 (Theater Audience)

Squirrel (Limited Cel Animation, 15 minutes) 1996 (Unreleased)

Candy (Limited Cel Animation, 10 minutes) 1996 (Unreleased)

Swords (Limited Cel Animation, 10 minutes) 1996 (Unreleased)

Rhino (Limited Cel Animation, 20 minutes) 1995 (Unreleased)

Peep (Limited Cel Animation, 10 minutes) 1995 (Unreleased)

Snowman (Limited Cel Animation, 5 minutes) 1994 (Unreleased)

Monkey (Limited Cel Animation, 10 minutes) 1994 (Unreleased)

Peal (Limited Cel Animation, 10 minutes) 1994 (Unreleased)

Arro (Limited Cel Animation, 2 hours) 1990-1993 (Unreleased)

Ant Invasion (Stop Frame Animation, 5 minutes) 1987 (Unreleased)

Gumby (Stop Frame Animation, 30 minutes, Co-Created with Brother) 1986 (Unreleased)

First Time Learning to Draw: 1978 (from coloring books, connect the dots and free hand)

Born: 1975.

UPDATE: August 2017: Work on City of Rott: Otherworld continues as I balance my work, freelance art, side projects and life, finding extra time to work on it for the fun of it mostly.

September 10, 2015: UPDATE: A new production is in the early stages, entitled City of Rott: Otherworld.

July 21, 2014: UPDATE: has moved here, at to simplify things and unify everything under one roof, versus multiple websites that cost money. City of Rott being the flagship series that put BlackArro Productions on the map, this was the site of choice to host other BlackArro Productions news. If City of Rott 2 does well enough both audience related and financially, more films will be produced in the future. So if you’re a fan, speak out and let your support be heard. Thank you!

-BLACKARRO PRODUCTIONS. Home for Animated Films and Content by Lifelong Artist Frank Sudol, whose credits include work on the SOUTH PARK: Bigger Longer and Uncut movie as an additional Animator and Assistant Technical Director, “City of Rott” and more… BlackArro Productions, a small animation studio, began in 2005, with the first animated horror hit, “City of Rott”, originally released by Unearthed Films in 2006, followed by “Dead Fury” in 2008. COR was also available in stores such as Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery nationwide. After the release of Dead Fury, Shock Invasion was released in 2010 on DVD. Other features followed under a different banner, but with “City of Rott 2” set for late 2014, BlackArro Productions continues producing new, entertaining titles from  F.Sudol, also associated with FSudolArt, FSudol Films and F.Sudol Art Video.

The name “BlackArro” came about from a 2 hour cel animated cartoon I completed in 1993, called “ARRO”, about a mechanical garbage picker robot that could also transform into any household object or vehicle at will. And so “BlackArro Productions” was formed.

Also be sure to visit for Frank Sudol’s collection of Art work and films, including merchandise of City of Rott, City of Rott 2, Dead Fury, Shock Invasion, Gnome in the Haunted Castle, The Chicken Chop Shop Animated Series, The FJS Catalog, FSudol’s picture gallery and more.

All Content © Frank Sudol. BlackArro Productions.


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