“CITY OF ROTT 2” (2014)


“CITY OF ROTT 2” (2014)
Eight years after the Rott Worm Plague decimated planet Earth, Harry, a Walker Fu Master, joins forces with an outcast Scout, Max Bludharte. Against all odds, the duo must find a cure for Max’s ever-tormenting skinworm infection, uncover the mystery of a crashed UFO, and put a stop to an evil Tyrant and his Army of ruthless Scouts. Meanwhile, a mysterious lone Assassin is hellbent on killing all in his path as he lures endless Zombie Hordes into the city. A bloody trail of death and destruction follows at every turn in the epic “City of Rott 2”.
Animated Blood, Gore and Violence. Release Date:  Fall 2014.



Eight years after the Rott Worm Plague decimated the Earth and wiped out nearly all of mankind, some remnants of humanity still exist among the Rotter (Zombie) populous. Harry, the elder brother of the infamous Walker Fu Master Fred Figiero (City of Rott 1), still breathes, scavenging the desolate City of Rott to survive with whatever supplies he can find. Thankfully, he has learned much before he lost track of his brother, including the ways of Walker Fu to protect himself against the ever present dangers in the City of Rott.

Elsewhere, Evil lurks around every building’s corner, as D’Vower, a seemingly benign but powerful Tyrant, rules a small army of Scouts and Snipers determined to cast an Iron Fist over any intruders of “his” City, living or dead. His Armed Scouts constantly seek supplies to sustain D’Vower’s Supply Shop, a large, towering Skyscraper fortress built to endure the Rott Worm Apocalypse. Thwarting most resistance, D’Vower’s Forces discover a nearby silent crashed UFO, which poses as a potential threat to their dominance.

Tired of the constant disrespect given to him by D’Vower and his loyal minions, a lone Scout named Max Bludharte decides to break out on his own in hopes of freeing himself from the growing restrictions and harsh punishments of D’Vower, while at the same time, seeking a cure for his painful skin worm infection. But who in this dying City can help? Perhaps the wise, hermit with the walker. If Max can first earn his trust.

Meanwhile, a mysteriously masked figure named Zivouhr mocks D’Vower’s efforts and every turn not only in name but in action, killing D’Vower’s supply Scouts and leading Hordes of Rotters (zombies) into the once quiet and peaceful City. Attempts by D’Vower to stop Zivouhr go largely unsuccessful, while the true intentions of this lone assassin are slowly revealed…

Take an epic journey with Max and his newfound friend Harry, as they gather the courage and strength to one day overpower the tyranny of D’Vower and once again free the City of the Rotter Hordes infesting it.


Max Bludharte – Max / Rahptius (rap-tee-us). A Scout working for D’Vower Supply, he learns to strike out on his own and attempt to find an end to his tormenting Skin Worm Infection.
Harry Figiero – Harry, the old man with a walker who performs high skilled Walker Fu. Wise and Noble.
Barg Tempest – Zivouhr (Ziv-hour). His disruptive motivations are unknown by most.
Rihn D’Vower – Leader of D’Vower Supply, a major source of food, weapons and shelter in the City of Rott. His goal is to rid the city of zombies, provide a life for his Scouts, and put an end to any disruptions. A strict dictator.
Scouts – Recruits under D’Vower’s command, their goal is to protect the Supply building, rid the city of Zombies, and find supplies.
Elite Guards and Snipers – Under D’Vower’s command, loyal and well armed.
Rotters – The lifeless, moving zombies that seek to devour the living. Their eyes glow yellow, much like the vampires from the classic “Salem’s Lot” movie from Tobe Hooper, who also made TCM.
ALIENS – After their UFO crashes in the zombie infested City of Rott, they are stranded and weakened, seeking help if anyone is willing, in exchange for rewards. Their true intentions are unknown, as are their powers. D’Vower intends to rid his city of them soon enough.
NEWS: 8/2013. City of Rott The Animated Series is no more due to time considerations. In it’s place, City of Rott 2 (working title) is still under production, but a major revision has taken place in terms of character design, in an effort to make this project possible for a one man studio. A teaser trailer will be posted online before the end of 2013 most likely to give fans an idea of what to expect.
City of Rott, the city itself, has also been revised, this time looking a bit more grim and darker, currently with a faded green atmosphere instead of the brighter blue of the previous version. Palm trees also, instead of City Trees. The story has also been revised in the pursuit of the new direction.
Harry the old man with the walker remains, as does Max Bludharte and D’Vower. The zombies also will infest the city as previously planned, with plenty of gore as well, this being a zombie movie afterall.



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