“CITY OF ROTT” (2006)


“CITY OF ROTT” (2006)

“They live in our water, and take over our bodies. They drive us. Till there’s nothing left. The worms are taking over.” Mankind has been wiped out. Zombies roam every abandoned street, desperate to devour any sign of human life, to feed the unquenchable worms residing in their rotting brains…
Fred, an old man mysteriously losing all touch with reality, clutches his Walker tightly as the moans of worm-infested zombies draw closer. Suddenly, from behind the alley dozens appear. Quickly, Fred lifts his Walker and wages into battle, bludgeoning as many mindless Dead that dare stand in his way. Having survived numerous attacks, Fred continues on his mindless quest to find a new pair of shoes. Yes, a pair of shoes.

He’s crazy, and has lost touch with reality in his self-destructive mission, driving him into the dead heart of the “City of Rott”.
Soon, he meets up with a beautiful nurse, a gun-toting fighter named Jon, and another strange old wanderer, who all determine Fred is definitely out of his mind, leaving him once again to fend off the parasitic zombie plague alone, in the worst place on earth… The “City of Rott”.
The zombie casualties are too many to count in one of the first Animated Zombie Gorefests on DVD, “City of Rott”. Blended with a twist-filled but simple storyline, bucket loads of zombie mayhem and gore, and developed characters, COR will thrill Zombie-goers like never before.
77 minutes, Unrated Gore and Violence.

“CITY OF ROTT” REVIEWS OF THE PAST (not all sites or links still exist today):

8/06 DreadCentral.com, Uncle Creepy, “City of Rott is probably the single most violent cartoon I have ever seen in my entire life.” 5/5. http://www.dreadcentral.com

10/06 Cinema-crazed.com “…I just enjoyed the hell out of “City of Rott” and every gory moment…” 3 out of 4 Stars.

8/06 Fangoria.com, “Whether one is seeking comedy/horror, a gorefest or a homage to the genre from a true fan, CITY OF ROTT is perfect for the zombie-lover in all of us.” 3.5/4

8/06 Deadpit.com, “…any zombie fan shouldn’t be hesitant about picking this up…” 4/5

8/06 DVDManiacs.net, “A truly odd horror cartoon with a vicious streak of black humor…”3/5

Meh’s Top 2 Pick for Horror Movies in 2005, horror-movies.ca.
2005, Horror-movies.ca “…The man is brutal with his walker, plain and simple.” Deadmanwalkin. 7/10 Pre-DVD release, 54 minute version.

8/06 dvdtalk.com, “..a cartoon zombie-com that should prove to be an absolute delight to all the hungry gorehounds out there.” 3.5/5

8/06 dvdresurrections.com “…City Of Rott is the most goriest, violent, sickening animated zombie
horror cartoon you will ever see or purchase in your life time.”

8/06 Creature-Corner.com, Alex Riviello, “Any fan of zombie movies would do well to check this out.” 8.5/10.

10/06 Splattermania.com “City Of Rott contains the most zombie kills I have ever witnessed in a movie.” 3.5/5

HMandM.com “WOW!!!!!” 10/10.

9/06 Cinepheila.com, “Simply put, this is a much-needed addition to an otherwise stale genre of horror.” 7/10

9/06 JoeHorror.com There’s no doubt in my mind this is going to satisfy the gorehounds.” 4/5



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