City of Rott 2 (Main Characters)

The latest intel on the all new cast of characters in CITY OF ROTT 2. These are the key characters of the film.


ZIVOUHR (ziv-hour)
Zivouhr is the main instigator who spurs the conflict in the City of Rott. His true motivations for leading endless hordes of Rotters into the city and assassinating Supply Scouts are unknown to most.


Scout Troops scavenge the City of Rott for vital life supplies such as food for the living. Without them, the few people remaining will starve.


Eager to see Max expelled from the Supply Scouts, he is the right hand minion to the Lead Scout.


Loyal, deadly and unquestioning, Red Guards are rarely seen except when visiting the leader of D’Vower Supply. They have authority over all other scouts except for Courier, who’s whereabouts soon becomes a mystery.


Max is stricken with the painful, irritating and ever present Skin Worm Infection. The parasites slither through his skin, day and night, burrowing tunnels through his epidermis, causing his skin to eventually sag and loosen from the muscle like a paper bag wrapped around a steak of meat. He is lucky to sleep at night, and if he fails to eat enough food each day, the worms begin to take over in their appetite for more nutrition.
Even worse, there is no known cure to this nightmare, as every time one Skin worm dies or is removed, hundreds are egg larvae are waiting to take their place weeks later.
Between the torment, Max eagerly works for D’Vower Supply as a Scout, hoping to earn each and every daily meal without delay. But not all goes as planned in the City of Rott…


RAHPTIUS (Rap-tee-us)
Rahptius. After Max advances beyond the role of a mere Scout to be stepped on, he transforms into Rahptius, a lethal, nearly invincible machine of deadly power.


Max can’t seem to remain part of a group of Scouts, and few know this better than the Lead Scout Vladimir, who has something dastardly hidden up his sleeves in regards to Max’s well being.


Harry is the long lost brother of Fred Figiero, and is a Walker Fu Master only thanks to the vital teachings Fred instilled onto him before losing his sanity to the Brain Worms and eventually succumbing to the deadly Rott Worm Plague. Harry lives in the sewers, and only appears occasionally for supplies. How he fits it all into his tiny sewer hovel is still a mystery only he knows the answer to. But Harry’s depth goes deeper than that, as he has a secret vendetta against D’Vower, the ruler of the Supply Shop.


The leader of the Towering Supply Shop that fuels the City of Rott, D’Vower seeks vengeance against all who defy his authority. Skilled in the art of the blade, his is a lethal force to be reckoned with by all who cross his path.


Hidden most times, the Classic Alien Humanoid resides peacefully inside its crashed UFO ship, waiting for the right moment to exit. But for what purpose? Are their intentions good, or for evil? Why are they here in the City of Rott? What are the odds a UFO would appear and crash during the zombie apocalypse? Regardless of the odds, the Aliens are here and D’Vower wants whatever secret weapon they may be hiding. At all costs.


Zombies, also known as Rotters in the City of Rott, are all too common and all too eager to devour anyone within arms length. The problem these days is, with decay drying out the muscle tissue and blood thicker than tar, mobility is a serious problem. Only mass numbers or the hope that their prey will stumble into their grasp ensure they’ll have a proper meal to satisfy the Rott Worms that propel their brain stem. The Rott worms use their prey to feast, as the dessicated Host Zombie is hardly worth more than a putrid snack.


One of many Rotters in the City of Rott. They are decayed and almost immobile, but for some scant energy to move towards their prey. They pose little threat from a distance, but if they get close enough, watch out. One bite or touch from their Rott Worm infested hands and it’s game over.


Another variant on the Rotters inhabiting the City of Rott.


Putrid and stinking, these dead remnants of former human beings wander mindlessly, searching for their next victim to feast on. Think. While you still can.


The Rott Worms have taken over this walking corpse. Best to keep your distance or join them in their soulless search for a living meal.


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