City of Rott Game Greenlit for STEAM!

UPDATE: August 9, 2016 … ts+of+rott

Some unexpected news from Steam about the game I’m working on, City of Rott: Streets of Rott planned for PC, Mac and Linux. I just got an email from Steam saying this game was Greenlit for sale on, one of the biggest online retailers of video games on the internet. The challenge was to have hundreds of interested gamers approve of the game as something they’d like to see available for purchase on After enough gamers showed interest in it, it was approved by Steam to my surprise. I originally posted my game for consideration among thousands of other titles to pick from back in February 2016, and the process took many months before it earned enough votes in August 2016.

Here’s the email info:
Your title, “City of Rott: Streets of Rott,” has been Greenlit!
To continue, you will need to complete the necessary digital paperwork to sign up as a new Steamworks Partner.

I was not expecting that at all to be honest, and had since put more energy into other art projects to earn a living, but continuing work on this game in my spare time of course. So now I just have to start the next steps to align it with Steampowered and put the game through after adding some more stuff to complete it and make it as fun and entertaining as I know how to.

Thank you to everyone who supported it!


City of Rott Video Game Update October 24, 2015

October 24, 2015:
Updates in this version include garbage cans you can use as weapons, 4 new attack news and the level 1 Zombie Boss with a crushing Hammer. A playable demo is on the way soon I hope.
Work progresses on City of Rott: Streets of Rott, the arcade like brawler created from the ground up using Game Editor, an older program that hasn’t had any recent updates. I’m looking into rebuilding the game on Unity 3D, but I’m so used to the flow of Game Editor that it’s tough to step away.
Current challenge is zombies hurting the player when his back is to the enemy. I can get that part to work, but every now and then, some glitch occurs where it hurts the player when he’s attacking too, but only to the left and not when attacking to the right.

Other challenges include building new levels, bosses, enemies, weapons, variety in the game. I’m going to have to balance this project out so I can continue working on the film.

City of Rott: Streets of Rott Video Game Progress (Early Alpha Phase)

With Game-Editor, still learning to program City of Rott the game to do what I want it to, which is very tough since knowledge of C Language is required. A freedom brawler is a lot more complicated than it first seems. Much more to do before level 1 can be made. Here you can see improvements in animation compared to the first version, though with my screen capture recorder, it misses a lot of frames, so the actual game is a lot smoother looking. Sound is captured live too instead of interior sourced. Estimated release date, possibly mid 2016, late 2016. Not sure yet depending on my free time. Planned for PC, Mac, Linux.