UPDATE: January 29, 2017

City of Rott: Streets of Rott On Steam February 14, 2017 for PC, Mac and Linux at $2.99.

Brawl your way through hordes of decay in the Streets of Rott, an
arcade style, side-scrolling beat ‘em up where destroying the junk
littering the streets, gives you a big edge over your enemy.
Featuring a skull-smashing arsenal of fighting moves, weaponry and
vehicles, play as an old man with a walker, a tough guy with a circular
saw or a mysterious woman, and bring peace to the City of Rott.

Untitled 22small

One of the biggest new twists in this beat ‘em up, is the ability to demolish the city’s junk piles to destroy your enemy. Or just beat ‘em up! In City of Rott: Streets of Rott, a brand new, arcade style brawler set for a worldwide February 14, 2017 release on Steam from FSudol Art Games and BlackArro Productions, for PC, Mac and Linux.

Based on the gory, animated City of Rott movies (City of Rott reached 2006’s Netflix DVD, Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery stores), this post apocalyptic brawler (set in a world after Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery stores) features three unique, playable characters, Fred, Max and Sarah, as well as three separate bonus characters for co-op play, tasked with pummeling their way through endless hordes of Rott over eight intense stages of mayhem.

Enemies range from lowly Rotter goons, brutish thugs, to more dangerous undead, including Tossers, Floaters, Crawlers and Monstrous Bosses. If their numbers aren’t kept down, they quickly fill the streets to overwhelm the hero. So gain the edge by destroying junk cars, rubble, trashcans, vending machines, classic explosive red barrels and more, demolishing the Rotter Hordes as they perish in the aftermath. With a full arsenal of fighting moves, weaponry (hand guns, shotguns, machine guns, explosives, bashing barrels, energy shields, power shots, shovels) and vehicles (clunky cars, revving motorcycles and skidding skateboards), it’s up to our heroes to fight back and bring peace to the Streets of Rott.



Entire game created by F. Sudol, creator of the City of Rott animated horror movies.

All content © 2017 FSudol, FSudol Art Games.


UPDATE: January 21, 2017

CITY OF ROTT: STREETS OF ROTT is a game I always wanted to create since I first played Streets of Rage 1, and with a lot of hard work, learning and programming, the game is finally complete. It was created entirely from scratch, on Game Editor, a basic but intuitive C based game development software. One big test for me before pursuing any big task, is will it be entertaining in some way? The good news is, I have fun playing this game, even though it can be challenging later on with all of the zombies swarming around you, requiring a variety of attacks to defeat, but it’s definitely the game I envisioned when I first began creating it.

I used a lot of my hand drawn assets from City of Rott, but also had to create a lot of new animations and characters just for the game, which I also plan to have in the new movie, City of Rott: Otherworld to some degree. From start to finish, the game began development and testing around October 2015 and now it’s January 21, 2017 when the game is finally about to be presented on Steam, thanks to the support of fans world wide. Thank you! Valve, the creators of Left 4 Dead, a First person Zombie game, run Steam, one of the largest retailers of digital video games worldwide, so it’s an honor to be a part of the giant library of games on .

Below are the details from the game, CITY OF ROTT: STREETS OF ROTT, planned for a worldwide release date of February 14, 2017, which lands on a Tuesday, which is a common day for games to be released in the USA.

City of Rott: Streets of Rott The Video game will be released under my FSudol Art Games Banner as well as my BlackArro Productions brand. If you’re a fan of the movies and enjoy video games like Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3, Final Fight and other beat ’em up style brawling games, you may enjoy this game as well.


CITY OF ROTT: STREETS OF ROTT (Planned for February 14, 2017 on Valve’s Steam Store) (if this date changes, I’ll post the news)

Brawl your way through hordes of decay in the Streets of Rott, an
arcade style, side-scrolling beat ‘em up.


Choose your character!


– An old, cranky dude with the skills of Walker Fu. Slow but tough.


– One who never gives up, Max carves his way through with his circular saw.


– With hidden powers, Sarah uses her energy blades and fast speed.


– The Evil Entity in charge of the Rotters.


– One of many varieties of the rabid, slow, mindless living dead.

CORgameNew2017flatB2b copy.png

Only you can bring peace to the City of Rott: Streets of Rott.
Includes Single Player, Co-op Cheat Mode, Remix Mode and more.

Untitled 14.png

Eight arcade levels of brawler mayhem, each with a tough end boss.
Fun, challenging, action packed beat ’em up gameplay inspired by the classics.
Easily perform a full set of 11 unique attack moves per character including the Rage Attack.

Untitled 16.png

3 playable main characters to choose from, each with unique fighting moves.
3 separate, alternative Co-Op characters to pick in the Co-Op Cheat Mode.
3 unique vehicles to ride. A clunky car, a revving sportbike, and a slick skateboard.
Freedom. Freely Walk or Drive east or west per level. Hop in and out of available vehicles.
Use objects to your advantage. Explosive junk cars, bashing barrels and more.

Untitled 17.png

Remix Mode randomizes the level order, colors and music for fresh replay value.
Practice Mode lets you test out your moves, battle a friend and… well, practice.
Many Rotter enemy types to defeat with your ready skills, found vehicles and weapons.
Pulse pounding Electronica Industrial soundtrack by F. Sudol.

Untitled 19.png

Power ups include handguns, shotguns, machine guns, explosives, shovels, shields.
3 Difficulty modes including Easy, Normal and Hard.
Options let you play the sound track, adjust game options, turn off the timer, add lives and more.
Endless Continues if you need them, just like in the Arcades.

Untitled 20.png

Detailed, colorful illustrated graphics and cartoon animations.
Animated cartoon blood & gore and cartoon violence.
HD 720p fills screen, medium window view with 1080p HD.
Character audio voices share their thoughts after each stage.

Untitled 22.pngUntitled 31.png
Includes player movement through W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys, your choice.
Entire game created by F. Sudol, creator of the City of Rott animated horror movies.
Game programmed from scratch on Game Editor, a C based 2D game creation software.

Untitled 32.png

UPDATE: January 28, 2017

The Challenge of Getting Your Game onto the Steam Store:  The Streets of Rott:
I’m writing this introduction for those indie creators who are developing a video game and trying to get it onto Steam or any other store that requires user interest and votes to succeed. My story hopefully gives some hope that your game, if it connects in some way to its intended audience, can get enough votes to be a part of the Steam Store through Steam Greenlight.
To be honest, I kind of gave up hope that this beat ’em up game I was making, City of Rott: Streets of Rott (for PC, Mac, Linux) would be greenlit for the Steam Store after the initial interested gamers stopped posting feedback, shortly after the game was first announced on Steam Greenlight, around January, 2016. The thought was that if no one was posting much about it, then there probably wasn’t much interest in the game. Other games had 10+ pages of user feedback posts and were already greenlit, while my game only had a few pages worth of posts. It seemed like most gamers weren’t very interested in seeing it available on Steam. To spread the word, I posted videos about the game on youtube and on my websites, but only have a small audience at the moment. A smaller fan base is still a good thing though, compared to no fans.
Even so, I kept working on the game in my spare time, fine tuning the gameplay, adding new levels, enemies and features, but I also had to focus my efforts on earning a living as usual. It was definitely worth trying and giving it my best effort, as is any worthwhile dream you have in life, but I was doubtful that it would get enough thumbs up votes on Steam Greenlight to be accepted onto the Steam Store. Plus the competition on Steam is tremendous. There are over 10,000+ Steam Greenlight submissions, and 10,000+ that get accepted and released through Steam Greenlight (which costs $100 to submit your first entry at this time with no guarantee your game will be accepted).
Months passed as hope faded, and then one day I received a very unexpected email from Steam in early August, 2016… The headline read, “Congratulations, City of Rott: Streets of Rott has been Greenlit!” I definitely was not expecting it, and thought at first it might be a hoax. Opening it up, it described a bit more detail about what the next step was, so I logged back into Steam and confirmed it was true. I’m not sure what the magic number is to get your game approved for the Steam store, but it proved that there were unseen gamers out there who voted for it, without posting about it.


So if you have a dream to get your game onto Steam, and it seems like not much is happening, yet you have a fun or challenging game you believe in, hang in there because good things may happen yet. Keeping in mind the saying that if at first you don’t succeed, adjust and try again until you do.

So what should I expect now that my first game is about to be available on the Steam Store this February, 2017? I’m a firm believer in “expect the worst and hope for the best”, so I have no delusions of earning a living off this game (hearing that only 5% of indie games are financially successful), even though that is the dream goal. At the very most, I hope it will at least find an audience who enjoys it. It’s the best game I could make with my growing programming experience and limited resources, having solely created every aspect of the game from scratch; including the artwork, music, animations, sound effects to programming, game design and more.
Integrating it onto Steam was also a challenge, as the directions weren’t exactly written with my operating system in mind, so the Steamworks forums were a major help, with many developers who had the same questions as me. But after much effort, the game is finally complete as of January 2017, and Valve’s Steam Team have reviewed and approved everything, including the game and the store page to my relief.

As far as the game creation process, make a game that you would want to play, and try to add your own unique ideas and style to it. In this case, I based this game on one of my animated movies, City of Rott, made back in 2006 and successfully released to Netflix, Blockbuster Video, Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and other stores, many of which no longer exist.

Programming in C on Game Editor (an older 2D game creation software) is a fun challenge, but required a ton of trial and error, finding and fixing glitches and things not working as intended. I have pages and pages of fixes, updates and corrections to my game, discovered and resolved through hundreds of testing hours. The game development forums are always helpful. And while it’s not perfect given my limited time, this is definitely the game I first envisioned.

Now the real test is if most gamers will enjoy playing it as much as I do. Being a creator, it’s sometimes tough to detach yourself from your work, but I’m open to constructive criticism so I can learn and advance my skills, however harshly that criticism is sometimes conveyed. If someone says a game stinks, it’s helpful to know what specifically they didn’t like about it so it can be addressed. If someone says a game is great, then it’s assumed they enjoyed it as is. It’s best to not take criticism personally, and to remain detached emotionally, even when it involves personal insults if that’s the case. Because for even the best forms of entertainment, there will always be critics, guaranteed.

With that said, here are some details about the game I created over a one and a half year period of time. If you’re a fan of beat ‘em up games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Golden Axe and enjoy an animated, horror atmosphere, while also looking for a game where using the environment against the game’s enemies works to your advantage, please check out City of Rott: Streets of Rott. Thanks for reading.


All Content by Frank Sudol © 2017-.  All Rights Reserved.


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