CITY OF ROTT: Otherworld First Image!

CITY OF ROTT: Otherworld First Image!


The first image from the planned movie City of Rott: Otherworld can be seen above. Pictured is Fred Figiero and his Walker after the events of City of Rott 1. City of Rott: Otherworld is not a prequel, but a definite step forward into the Otherworld for Fred. The otherworld is a very dangerous place filled with infectious Zombies as will soon be explained. But Fred is about to discover something even more sinister lurking in the shadows of the City of Rott. There are definite consequences to his actions in the Otherworld. I’m definitely excited about this new twist to the City of Rott and the return of Fred and his Walker. He’s a lot more focused this time, and has real goals in the movie beyond a pair of shoes.


The great news is the first sequence with Fred has been animated and currently rendering. The real challenge ahead will be finding more free time to make this project happen on schedule. No release date yet, but I’d like to have something concrete by Fall 2016. More later. – F. Sudol (Sole creator of City of Rott and all aspects of the film.)

City of Rott: Otherworld Progress August 2015

City of Rott: Otherworld’s script is complete and all major voice parts have been fully recorded, including the main characters and minor characters.

Next step is to prepare an opening scene to animate to get a sense of how the film will progress. This step has already begun.

More than anything, the script and voice dialog are the blue print and storyboard for the way I create movies. Each scene I can visualize in my mind, and for that reason I don’t need actual storyboards as I work through the different shots as I progress, one step at a time. The challenge is to keep the pacing exciting. While there is a lot of story driven dialog, there are a lot of opportunities for exploration in this Otherworld City of Rott, as well as plenty of zombie encounters and beyond. COR:O will be created using Anime Studio Pro, and be in the hand drawn cut out style of City of Rott 1, only with much better animation all around. I’m interested in seeing how a project like this might respond with potential new audiences, though nothing is concrete yet until I have more materials to present, hopefully soon. Fan support is appreciated.

F.Sudol Contribution to New Horror Film: In other news, I have completed work on a new collaborative film studio project that I’m excited to be a part of, that will no doubt be on Blu-Ray and DVD and possibly have screenings in theaters also, possibly by Fall of 2016, though nothing is confirmed at this early stage. That’s the most I can say about it, other than that I’m contributing my animated horror ideas to it. Everything else is top secret. I’m hopeful everything will turn out as planned.


FredCOROWork on City of Rott Otherworld continues, though a new script has been written. While I really like the old script, it’s a bit too much sci-fi for what I’m interested in with a heavy emphasis on action and not enough on horror. In this new script which has more direct horror, I’m able to follow up with Fred’s story from the first film, with a heavy emphasis on “Otherworld” without being a prequel (I’m not a fan of going backwards with characters, move forward in some way). I’ll let the script sit a week and then if it still sounds good to me, I’ll progress with the first scene test. It’s really important to progress with a project that will keep me interested for the long term since creating a movie entirely by myself needs to be as fun as possible for me to endure the challenge over 1 year or more.

Robotic Downfall Release Date, Plus – Amazing 3D Pop Out Cartoons! (City of Rott clip)

RD1024x768pressimage Screenshot-17The new game Robotic Downfall is about to be released for PC, Mac and Linux under FSudol Art Games. Prepare yourself for 30 action packed levels of Robotic blasting thrills in Robotic Downfall, created by F. Sudol. Includes Retro Mode and Normal mode (with music by Aggressive Electronx! Get the game June 9th, 2015 at:

Thank you for playing! The game was created using Game Editor software.


3D Link: Visit

Amazing 3D Pop Outs Short!
To adjust 3D, click on the gear icon and select 3D/options.
Red/Cyan (anaglyph 3D) or Stereo 3D (with a 3D HDTV for sbs)
Years ago, I decided to see what some of my cartoon illustrations would look like in stereo 3D, so went ahead and with the use of the Dashwood Stereo 3D Toolbox LE combined with Final Cut Express 4, turned them into stereo 3D. The goal was strong 3D pop outs. Did I succeed? Are the images way out of the screen? I hope so.

-The pizza you see is one I baked and took a picture of for this 3D presentation. It looked better than it tasted. Pizza needs more salt.
-City of Rott’s Fred appears also.
-The music is a electronica song I created, called “Grinder” under my music Aggressive Electronx.
-The cartoon illustrations are pictures I’ve drawn over the years.
Thanks for watching.
City of Rott © F. Sudol, BlackArro Productions

Samples of Aggressive Electronx’ Range of Heavy Electronica:

Listed below are some samples of my favorite tracks. I was inspired by Yuzo Koshiro from the Streets of Rage series, and have been creating electronic music ever since 1995 when I got my first chance to use a step recording Electronic Keyboard, though these days, I create everything from scratch using music creation software Garage Band allows you to create instruments and notes at will. Great program that closely resembles the MTV Music Generator on the PS1 and PS2, which I used to create music with.

If you like what you hear, please show your support and purchase an album or song at today, thank you!

June 2015 Updates, Projects, Video Games from F. Sudol


Clip from Shock Invasion, the 2010, 2011 feature length animated horror, Alien Monster invasion movie created by one guy (still available on DVD at It took a lot of dedication, but I like this one the best of the first three animated features I made. I’ve learned to not be too critical and while watching them again, to remember the original intent I was going for with these films.
City of Rott: Intent: Showcase a Zombie Gore movie with an old guy battling zombies.

Dead Fury: Spoof Evil Dead, in animated, gory form.

Shock Invasion: A post apocalyptic alien invasion where two survivors explore the dangerous City.


Above is Fred Figiero animated using Anime Studio Pro 8. A marked improvement over the stiff animation style of Image Ready from 2006’s “City of Rott” feature length animated zombie movie. Fred will be appearing in a future project.


City of Rott: The Game in early development. Using City of Rott assets from the movie, this action brawler side scrolling game will star Fred on his quest for a pair of shoes in a Zombie infested City. Inspired by classic games like Streets of Rage, it’s always been a dream to create City of Rott in this style of game. A long way to go since this is a side project, but I’m looking forward to completing it and making it fun to play. No easy task.

Also check out F. Sudol’s Robotic Downfall, for PC, Mac and Linux available June 9, 2015. Robotic Downfall was made entirely by one guy, and inspired by Frenzy, Berzerk and Robotron classic arcade games. Try to beat all 30 levels if you dare.