The Making of City of Rott 3 Documentary

This 1 hour and 50 minute documentary covers the making of process of creating your own film with only computer software and creativity, along with a ton of motivation to never give up a giant project that spans over 3000 hours, until it’s complete to the creator’s satisfaction.

Aspects of creating City of Rott: Otherworld include: story, script writing, dialog and voice recording, lip syncing, character creation, illustration/drawing, character animation, scene set up, technical directing, music creation, sound effects creation and editing, as well as final film editing for pacing and flow. This documentary and all content created by F. Sudol of BlackArro Productions, © 2019 USA. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for watching.


Arriving Soon from BlackArro / FSudol Art…

Arriving Soon in 2019 from BlackArro / FSudol Art:
The Making of City of Rott: Otherworld Documentary (1 hour 50 minutes currently) Friday, April 19, 2019
Also Arriving Soon: New Episodes
Darth Maul Spoof
Tales of the Dim
Mr. Neverwrong
Pug Around
Stay tuned…
Thanks for being a fan!

Music by FSudol of Aggressive Electronx (new album soon).


News: City of Rott & Dead Fury, Tales of the Dim DIGIPAK 2019 (PAL, Germany)

Released in Germany in early 2019 in PAL Format (not compatible with NTSC) on DVD, is this very cool digipak collectible DVD pack (limited to 500 copies) of City of Rott & Dead Fury, and Tales of the Dim, licensed and released thanks to CMV Laservision of Germany, who also licensed and released the original City of Rott and Dead Fury back in 2006, 2008, around the time they were released by Unearthed Films in the US and Canada. The finished exterior of the package is in book format, with a matte finish. The inside pages have a good thickness to them. The last page contains the plastic disc case, holding the two discs. One containing the PAL DVD of City of Rott 1, and the other including Dead Fury and Tales of the Dim, also in PAL format only. The interior booklet is in German Language. The presentation and design by CMV Laservision looks awesome.
Apology for the low resolution video, as it’s currently my only video camera.


City of Rott: Otherworld – Preview Trailer 3 (Animated Zombie Movie)

A new trailer is now ready to watch, featuring a few new clips not revealed before. With this new trailer, I wanted to focus on the plot and the key points without spoiling what happens in the film, but also feature a key music track from the film, and also included on the upcoming Aggressive Electronx Album, “Decaying Hope”, by FSudol, planned for late April/May 2019.

As far as a release date for CORO (City of Rott: Otherworld), stay tuned as more news surfaces. The goal is 2019, but things are still in progress towards that goal, so no specific release date yet. As soon as I know close to when the film can be expected, I’ll post the news here. There is also a chance I might consider a film festival to potentially earn new fans and options for the film. The current version of the film has a run time of 89 minutes. Thank you for being a fan! – Frank J Sudol

City of Rott: Otherworld – Preview Trailer 3
All content including music, created by Frank J Sudol. © 2019.

City of Rott: Otherworld – Trailer 3 Dialog:

Name’s Fred. This is Walker. Hello.

Got a case of skin worms, they’re not lethal, but they keep me up at night.
Join the club, I got brain worms.

So are you happy? Ask me after I cross the bridge.

Where’s the bridge of Rott?
I’ll take you there, pull me up!
You want the bridge of Rott? Find her!

Look. Doesn’t she remind you of that nurse? The one who
brought me my walker on the bridge, when all hope was lost?

Don’t risk yourself for her. She’s not worth it. But what if I can help
her this time?

I told you, she’s radioactive. You hang around her, you’ll be dead.

Stay back Stalker, these are my friends!

Without Sarah, the Stalker would have caught us.

Too bad she’s almost dead.

Find my legs now, or she dies.

You want answers, follow me.

Looks like your plan went to hell, Fred.
It’s what you do that matters, right? Right.

Looks like we’re trapped.
Welcome to the City of Rott.

If I can’t have my dream, maybe you can have yours.

Nothing goes right, does it?
It’s not what happens, it’s what you do that matters.

You’re all doomed!
Now let’s kick some Zombie Ass!

City of Rott


CMV Laservision of Germany releases Digibook Set of City of Rott/Dead Fury/Tales of the Dim Video Set – February 2019

CMV Laservision of Germany recently released the Digibook Set entitled, The Frank Sudol Collection, including the animated horror action films, City of Rott, Dead Fury and Tales of the Dim in a new Video Set, released in February of 2019. CMV Laservision was the same team that released the original releases of City of Rott and Dead Fury separately back around 2006 and 2008 in Germany and nearby countries including Austria and Switzerland. The dialog was re-recorded back then into German, and now is being re-released in this very cool, digibook set. The original films were originally created in 720 x 480 screen ratio, so the original assets were limited as far as resolution due to a very slow, budget computer that the films were originally created on.

While I’m eager to look through this set soon when I receive it, I was provided with a few cool pictures of the digibook design courtesy of CMV Laservision, and it appears that there is a cool pop out style to it, where Fred and Max are standing up against a background. Growing up, pop out books were always one of my favorite types of books to look at, so seeing my art work for these films in this pop out art style is really cool. Much thanks to CMV Laservision for their interest in my original City of Rott and Dead Fury Films, as well as the inclusion of 12 HD episodes of Tales of the Dim. More news later…




“TWO RED EYES” Tales of the Dim Episode 14 – Scary Stories Animated

NOTE: Tales of the Dim is intended for older audiences due to cartoon animated blood and gore. “TWO RED EYES” Tales of the Dim Episode 14. In this episode of the continuing horror series, Tales of the Dim, some strange sounds keep waking this sleepy person. Best to keep the lights on… Tales of the Dim and all content including music and sound by Frank J. Sudol © 2019. USA, All Rights Reserved. Thank you for watching. Subscribe now to see more, and if you like Tales of the Dim, comment now. Tales of the Dim is a horror/humor, original animated series inspired by Tales From the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt and Night Gallery.
“Two Red Eyes” Tales of the Dim #14 – Demon in Doorway Hall