How to Draw a Pumpkin 2019

How to Draw a Pumpkin 2019. All content and music by FSudol. ©2019


City of Rott Finds Home Video Distributor

After much research, City of Rott: Otherworld Finds Home Video Distributor. The film will be released some time in 2020, with things still early in the process. More news as it becomes available. The goal was distribution rather than self-distribution, for a wider range of outlets. Thanks to the patient City of Rott: Otherworld Fans!
All content © 2019 F. Sudol. All Rights Reserved.


How to Draw an Orange Monster in 10 minutes!


How to Draw an Orange Monster in 10 Minutes! (real time). Art and music created by F. Sudol © 2019. I’m in a drawing mood lately, which I’m happy about as it’s been awhile since I really drew every day with all the other things of daily life. The Krita software for drawing is basic but good, and while it’s not as fast or expressive as my handdrawn skills on paper, it’s not bad. The contrast options aren’t the best though, so I use another program, GIMP, to export the final art with better contrast.