Major progress on City of Rott: Streets of Rott The Game

City of Rott: Streets of Rott (working title) the new Video Game has gained some major progress in development since last time. Some difficulties I surpassed included the character facing the wrong way, collision detection not working properly,  how to include a weapon, how to include special moves, and many other features that take a lot of manual scripting in Game-Editor. Writing scripts in the language C is a major challenge, but when you overcome that challenge, it’s very satisfying to see your efforts and heavy thinking have resulted in something you wanted to see in the game.
City of Rott the game will most likely be released by 2016, though it might possibly depend on the timing of the movie also. Developed, programmed, art work, animation, music, sound effects by F. Sudol. This early version is a work in progress subject to change. PC, Mac, Linux. Zombie Horror, action brawler. Thanks! -F. Sudol

City of Rott: Streets of Rott Video Game Progress (Early Alpha Phase)

With Game-Editor, still learning to program City of Rott the game to do what I want it to, which is very tough since knowledge of C Language is required. A freedom brawler is a lot more complicated than it first seems. Much more to do before level 1 can be made. Here you can see improvements in animation compared to the first version, though with my screen capture recorder, it misses a lot of frames, so the actual game is a lot smoother looking. Sound is captured live too instead of interior sourced. Estimated release date, possibly mid 2016, late 2016. Not sure yet depending on my free time. Planned for PC, Mac, Linux.

New Exciting Details on City of Rott: Otherworld


To create a fun & original, Animated Feature Length Zombie Movie starring an old man and his walker, set in another Realm with plenty of Action, Horror and some Humor, telling the story of the old man’s quest for enlightenment and freedom as he battles the Zombie Hordes. To be intended for older audiences due to cartoon violence, blood and gore and some language. Runtime estimate may be about 70 to 80 minutes total.
The preview Trailer shown is only a hint of what is to be created, and it gives a strong idea of what to expect with the style of animation, detail of the illustrations, music and sound effects in the film to be made.

Picture: One of many Backgrounds to be used in this Animated Zombie Horror.

Picture: Fred, an old man and his trusty walker. Watch out Zombies.

Movie’s Plot Summary:
An old man named Fred, recovering from the loss of his mind and his former life, along with his talking Walker, reluctantly enter the Otherworld’s City of Rott, a mirror realm filled with infectious Living Dead among an even more sinister evil, the Stalker. At all costs, Fred must avoid this powerful entity that infects the Otherworld, turning its victims into mindless Zombies.
With the guidance of Renzer, a mysterious inhabitant with amazing power, and the goal to save the life of a beautiful Nurse infected by the Rott plague, Fred desperately seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Otherworld, on his epic journey to escape the bone chilling City of Rott.

Picture: The main Villain named the Stalker. Get caught and you become a Zombie.

About Frank Sudol, the Artist behind City of Rott: Otherworld:
Having earned professional experience working on the SOUTH PARK Movie: Bigger, Longer and Uncut in 1998 through 1999 and credited as an Assistant Technical Director and Additional Animator, as well as other productions that include the completion of feature length movies such as City of Rott (originally featured on Netflix, Blockbuster Video, Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video), City of Rott 2, Dead Fury, Shock Invasion, Gnome in the Haunted Castle and more, F. Sudol is ready to tackle the challenge of creating a new, feature length animated zombie movie.

Picture: Renzer, an inhabitant of the Otherworld, has unique powers and knowledge.

Written and to be directed by Frank J. Sudol (of BlackArro Productions Animation Studio), City of Rott: Otherworld is a one man production from start to finish, from script to final presentation including all animation, voice acting, musical score, lip synching, character design and illustrations, technical directing, sound effects, editing, special effects and more.

Picture: Sarah the Nurse is a fighter, until she becomes infected. Time is short.

Picture: A survivor  in the Otherworld, cautiously trying to avoid the Stalker.

Finding more time is a challenge due to the cost of daily living.
One Man Production? It’s a huge challenge, but one that can be accomplished with enough time, resources and health, guaranteed.
Finding a larger Fan Base. Do horror and animation fans want an animated zombie movie in this style, starring an old man against a city of zombies? Your support matters! If you know zombie fans and animation fans that might be interested, let them know if you can. Thanks! It will help ensure future movies are created.

Picture: A Rotter Zombie who has been decaying for a very, very long time…

Picture: Skull Faced Zombie. One of many that infest the City of Rott.

Picture: This Moss Face Zombie is slobbering his meal and could use a bib.

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CITY OF ROTT: Otherworld First Image!

CITY OF ROTT: Otherworld First Image!


The first image from the planned movie City of Rott: Otherworld can be seen above. Pictured is Fred Figiero and his Walker after the events of City of Rott 1. City of Rott: Otherworld is not a prequel, but a definite step forward into the Otherworld for Fred. The otherworld is a very dangerous place filled with infectious Zombies as will soon be explained. But Fred is about to discover something even more sinister lurking in the shadows of the City of Rott. There are definite consequences to his actions in the Otherworld. I’m definitely excited about this new twist to the City of Rott and the return of Fred and his Walker. He’s a lot more focused this time, and has real goals in the movie beyond a pair of shoes.


The great news is the first sequence with Fred has been animated and currently rendering. The real challenge ahead will be finding more free time to make this project happen on schedule. No release date yet, but I’d like to have something concrete by Fall 2016. More later. – F. Sudol (Sole creator of City of Rott and all aspects of the film.)

City of Rott: Otherworld Progress August 2015

City of Rott: Otherworld’s script is complete and all major voice parts have been fully recorded, including the main characters and minor characters.

Next step is to prepare an opening scene to animate to get a sense of how the film will progress. This step has already begun.

More than anything, the script and voice dialog are the blue print and storyboard for the way I create movies. Each scene I can visualize in my mind, and for that reason I don’t need actual storyboards as I work through the different shots as I progress, one step at a time. The challenge is to keep the pacing exciting. While there is a lot of story driven dialog, there are a lot of opportunities for exploration in this Otherworld City of Rott, as well as plenty of zombie encounters and beyond. COR:O will be created using Anime Studio Pro, and be in the hand drawn cut out style of City of Rott 1, only with much better animation all around. I’m interested in seeing how a project like this might respond with potential new audiences, though nothing is concrete yet until I have more materials to present, hopefully soon. Fan support is appreciated.

F.Sudol Contribution to New Horror Film: In other news, I have completed work on a new collaborative film studio project that I’m excited to be a part of, that will no doubt be on Blu-Ray and DVD and possibly have screenings in theaters also, possibly by Fall of 2016, though nothing is confirmed at this early stage. That’s the most I can say about it, other than that I’m contributing my animated horror ideas to it. Everything else is top secret. I’m hopeful everything will turn out as planned.


FredCOROWork on City of Rott Otherworld continues, though a new script has been written. While I really like the old script, it’s a bit too much sci-fi for what I’m interested in with a heavy emphasis on action and not enough on horror. In this new script which has more direct horror, I’m able to follow up with Fred’s story from the first film, with a heavy emphasis on “Otherworld” without being a prequel (I’m not a fan of going backwards with characters, move forward in some way). I’ll let the script sit a week and then if it still sounds good to me, I’ll progress with the first scene test. It’s really important to progress with a project that will keep me interested for the long term since creating a movie entirely by myself needs to be as fun as possible for me to endure the challenge over 1 year or more.