From start to finish: Drawing a zombie!

Step by step process of drawing a zombie out of my mind. 1 hour.


City of Rott Game: Vote for it on Steam Greenlight now!

CITY OF ROTT: STREETS OF ROTT:  Support it on for the Greenlight Project now! And Thank You for the support! While I hope the game does well enough to make it on there, I like to keep things in perspective and realize the competition is plentiful and the Steam crowd is very demanding, but I will try my best whatever the results may be.
Fight your way through the Streets of Rott in this beat ’em up brawler inspired by the classics, destroying countless zombies in your quest to end the Stalker’s reign over the Otherworld. Choose your character:  Fred, an old man with a Walker, Max, a guy with a circular saw, or Sarah, who has learned to access the secret powers of the Otherworld. Entire game, Art, Music, Programming created by F. Sudol, creator of the animated horror cartoons, City of Rott, Dead Fury, Shock Invasion and more.

City of Rott: Streets of Rott is being single handedly developed in all aspects including art, music and programming and more by F. Sudol of BlackArro Productions (City of Rott) and FSudol Art Games. Development began after creating two prior complete games such as the open map adventure game, Tomb of Twelve in 2014 and the Arcade blaster, Robotic Downfall in 2015. The game is being created using Game-Editor 2D Game Creation Software and is being planned for PC Windows, Mac and Linux possibly for 2016.

City of Rott: Otherworld the game is intended for Mature Audiences due to cartoon violence, blood and gore.

Gameplay Features:
+1 Player Arcade style Beat ‘em Up Brawler, side scrolling 2D Game.
+Old Man Fred with a Walker, Max with a Circular Saw, Sarah with Energy Blades.
+Find weapons such as a handgun, machine gun, shotgun, barrels and more.
+Action packed fighting against the City of Rott.
+Some Stages include the option to travel in vehicle if you choose.
+Many attack moves to use against the zombie hordes, parasitic worms, and more.
+Special attacks and powers to quickly wipe out the enemy when overwhelmed.
+Three Playable Characters to Choose from, each with unique attacks.
+Tough Zombie Bosses on each stage to confront.
+Fast paced music to listen to during the intense fight for survival.
+Detailed Art, Graphics and Animation by F. Sudol.
+8 challenging Levels are planned.
+Options for music tracks, lives, timer on or off, difficulty.
+Inspired by F. Sudol’s City of Rott feature length animated zombie movies.

City of Rott: Streets of Rott is currently in development and may be subject to change. All content © 2016 F. Sudol. All Rights Reserved. FSudol Art Games, BlackArro Productions.